Well, sex is a fascinating experience which breaks the culture of boredom, daily monotony and ignites the pleasure hormones of the body.


Since it is one of nature’s incredible cycle plenty of us develop it as a measure of any relationship so it is no wonder or brainier that you want some action on periodic basis. This being the “I” want it part, it is not sure whether your girl wants it at the time you want it and asking for it and getting a direct “no” can be an embarrassment. But hey, no one is judging, instead of asking for it you can trick your way into it and know through your girl’s action or words that is she really in a mood. Spoiler alert, we have the homework done for you, read on to know what excuses girls make to NOT have sex. Do thank us later!!

1. I am on my period:
You don’t want to get into that talk honestly. It’s not your day!

2. I am just too full from the DINNER:
Oh yes, what more lame excuse can you imagine.

3. I just got out of a shower:
Even this makes you more horny, it is a yellow light. You cannot park your car when she makes her bath a priority more than her pleasure.

4. No not today, I have a very tiring day!:
Save yourself honestly. If you ask her what is the problem, then anything can be made into a story and thrown at you. Sex becomes a far sighted dream and you get a headache in return.

5. I have a yeast infection:
There goes the sex away for a week even if you know it’s a lie, you would not want to take a risk; risk of ego being hurt and asking her again within a day or two. So keep the pants on for at least a week and that’s for your ego!


6. I feel really bloated:
This is a pre-menstrual problem for guys who miss the technicalities of a girl’s world. Chances of her getting pregnant is really high at this time. More, the funny part, you cannot argue on this!!!

7. I feel a bit nauseous:
May your desire to have sex at that time rest in peace. No questions asked.

8. I have to get up early tomorrow:
So, the work excuse is kind of an old one. If she is making that excuse a lot, probably you would want to reconsider your moves.

9. I think I am coming up with something:
And this will always be cold. You can’t take you chances here.

10. I just too tired:
Nothing, blame on the tiredness and the day. You can’t even argue with that. Watch Baywatch instead, we would recommend.

Did we miss out on any excuse? If yes, then do write to us!! Spread the knowledge and help other guys out there trembling in the confusion.

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