1. Plan Your wardrobe in advance. Yes that’s right. You may treat it as a joke but many professional women plan their wardrobe upto 2 weeks advance. They will lay out their choice of dressing for each day of the week beforehand. This helps in better and time-saving dressing. It also abets in combating chaos and what to wear confusion. In professional sphere this will boost up your popularity and success rate.
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  2. Understand the importance of hair care. This is something your lady can easily teach you. I have seen men as young as 25 going bald. That’s just sad. You have no business of going bald in that young age. Eat lots of protein, beat stress and ample hair care will enhance and protect your precious tresses.
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  3. Declutter and Organize your workspace. Whether it’s your cubicle in office or your study at home, keep it organized and clutter free. According to a study, the productivity of people is proportionate with their work surroundings. If you have friendlier working space your efficiency enhances by itself. So next time your girlfriend gets a bit fussy about your study décor, take it constructively and make those changes.
  4. Maintain Home Hygiene. Piles of dirty laundry, spilled food stuff and drinks, mattresses sans bedcovers, a week old stale pizza, dirty kitchen and bathroom and lost objects around the place only look cool in movies. In real life you need to maintain the hygiene around your place to harbor positive energies. Messy surroundings create negativity and hamper progress in the life of on an individual. I don’t imply that only fairer sex do hygiene, I mean to stress on the importance of hygiene. Try to clean up your place and keep things tidy as much as possible.
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  5. Unwind with spa and body massages. Have you ever had a spa done, a full body massage, foot massage, Thai massage or any type of massage. Someone has rightly said that massage if done right can even be better than sex. The stressful lifestyle of our current style of fast paced living calls for a relaxed treatment to your senses.
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  6. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Don’t take it as an insult to your manhood. Your skin is sensitive too and deserves care and attention. Use a face wash and a cleanser to get rid of all the dirt from your face, scrub it to keep dead cells at bay and with a moisturizer and toner keep your skin fresh and healthy. It isn’t unmanly its good grooming.
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  7. Learn a thing or two about Home Décor. Your girlfriend can teach you how to jazz up the interiors of your house. That Jimi Hendrix poster, attitude captions and spray writings on the wall may be great for your bedroom, but drawing-room should be neat,sedate and charming. No need to go overboard. Keep it simple and pleasant.
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  8. Let it Out. It’s okay to let things out every once in a while. Most males keep things bottled up and suppress their emotions, anger and feelings on a regular basis. That’s one of the reason for higher risk of heart attack amongst men. Take cue from your female counterparts and rant out every once in a while for a healthier way of life.
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  9. Be smart in the kitchen. Knowing how to fix a meal and a bit of cooking can go a long way in your life. Just learn the essentials and perfect your craft with every dish you prepare. It will save your cost of eating outside, help you in surprising and pampering your girlfriend on special occasions. And a skill in hand never hurts.
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  10. Text back your girlfriend on time. Okay this tip doesn’t exactly cut as a major lifestyle tip but still it’s healthy for you to send timely replies to your lady. Don’t make her wait for hours and hours before responding. Surprise her with timely texts and she will surprise you with more.

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