Marriage is a complicated and a simple bond in two different ways. Simple for ones who are accustomed to commitment and are open to lifetime sharing but complicated to people who are conscious about their personal space. But since marriage is an eventual thing, and someday you have to marry, then there are things you should be aware of or few things you should probably stop doing. Here’s a checklist:

  • Stop flirting: As much as you hate to know this, yes, you need to lay off that game you really like playing. Commitment is not an easy thing so you need to put yourself in check.                                                           
  • Stop having random one night stands: Getting off a habit is not easy. No one is going to judge you for your fling nights before you get married but a habit takes time to go. So just stop getting involved in random sex.      
  • Stop taking control: Being single means life has your control over it but after marriage, this word will just be a rare English term. Stop being strict in your life and let go of some rules.   
  • Do not follow everything you hear: Yes this applies very well. Before marriage, you will be told a lot of things but that does not mean you follow everything.                         
  • Loving Less is not okay: If you believe in this then it’s time to change this ideology of yours. Marriage is a strong commitment and remember loving more and more will always be less for your wife. So you need to let go of that rigidity of yours.                     
  • Stop making assumptions: Gravely true, even if you are not going to get married then also making assumptions is never going to help and instead will ruin your relationships.                                                                                                             
  • Limiting your taking advice mechanism: Marriage is a partnership which involves everything starting from decision making to shopping. This means that you have to stop taking advice from everyone else and make yourself the captain and after marriage, you know who.                                                                                                                        
  • Go out for savings: For a change start savings as marriage will have many surprise expenses in store for you. This means that if you are not habitual of savings then this is a new challenge.                              
  • Involving your mother in everything: Yes, A mother is the most important thing in our universe but since that universe will have a new visitor, you need to prioritize your calls. Not that we are asking to replace your to-be-wife with your mother but yes shredding some always go for mother calls will be good.                                                
  • Buy a new car: If you have a car, then cool, if you don’t then this is the time you need to buy a car. The bike you love the most will have to become an occasional thingy. A car is a safe zone for you and will give an impression of a settled man and we both know you want that.