Don’t you feel like a winner every time your girl gets an explosive orgasm – all because of you? Yes, you do, and not to mention, feel like a man! But just as every day is not Sunday, every sex play is not an ‘explosive orgasm day’ and you know you have to live with this reality.

However, it was time you got rid of this myth. In fact it is possible to make your sex partner crazily orgasm and you can do that every time, if you know a few secrets. Right from practicing kegel exercises to adopting specific sex positions you can go on and on and keep her wanting more. But here are some select aspects which are precisely the secrets to fiery orgasms and you will be glad they are at your fingertips.

Focus her hot spot

A certain sexual posture you adopt is worth much more when it allows you to hit those ‘sensitive’ spots, clitoris for instance, right. A woman on top posture while you lie flat is most adequate from this viewpoint because as your woman jumps on or moves to and from on your penis, there is a natural friction to her clitoris.

This rubbing or her clitoris provides extra bit of pleasure for her thereby intensifying her orgasm. Discover such positions to focus her hot spot; her orgasm will be worth watching.

Elongate pleasure

Her climaxing at the peak of intercourse is actually the best thing to expect; the ‘explosiveness’ of her orgasm depends upon how you initiate the ‘game’ and how far you elongate the arousal.

Start with an activity, like watching a porn movie together, reading an erotic book aloud or playing an adult game. An activity as this injects eroticism into her mind which in turn taps her juices to flow. Follow your activity with foreplay to pleasure her as much as possible.

Include a lot oral sex as well as a bit of foreplay like biting her fingers, kissing different parts of her body, fingering her , etc. Each of these serves the purpose of elongating pleasure. By the time you are done, she will be almost pleading you to enter her.

Continue with your arousing moves even after inserting in her; an “explosive orgasm” is quite likely.

Breathing in tandem

As you begin intercourse, concentrate on your breaths. Ask her to breathe in tandem, i.e. one behind another. This kind of breathing helps your sexual energies channelize and lower anxiety. When this happens, you are most likely to continue sex for long and continue the act.

Evident impact of this gets seen in the form of her intense orgasn..

Arousing talk

Spoken words have a magical influence particularly in sex. This may be well within a permissible limit, of course the limit you two have set, but its rewards are limitless.

Let her know that she is bizarre in bed and that her thirst for sex is apparent when you are playing with her. Enjoy her sex drive with small whispers about her beauty, her womanly assets, etc. The more you do that, the more explosive her orgasm gets.

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