As a couple, you may be naturally tempted to have sex in different positions and do everything that creates sensation and gives the ultimate pleasure. But the thrill of fondling each other, kissing or returning each others’ seductive moves gets multiplied when your are out in the open.

A subconscious awareness, that your lip lock with your girlfriend is in public or your feet sliding on her legs are open to voyeurs, sends a rare rush of adrenaline – something you certainly won’t want to miss. Well read on; here are few best places you can explore for sexual pleasure outdoors.

Sex on the Beach

Sea sets a perfect backdrop for romantic mood. In such a facilitating and comforting environment, she will love rolling over the waves with you with your legs entangled with each other. Cold water, breezes, and aroma – all make a perfect plot for your sexy intensions. A bit of fondling in the water will arouse her enough till you get back to your room for some crazy sex. How you would manage this with the thousands roaming on the beach will depend on how desperate you are for each other at that moment.

Foreplay at the theatre

This will never happen if you go for a superhit movie. Find a movie that is not doing well then get tickets for a late night week day show. Chances are that the theatre may be half full. Make your way to the last row seats (If they are empty) and make yourself comfortable. Once the movie starts and people are engrossed in the movie; then make your move. Kiss her, fondle her and leave the rest to the magic of your fingers. Going for oral will depend on just how bold and excited you are

Sex on the Stairs

Yes stairs, and most likely, you never used it for sex. There is no reason this area, mostly used to climb up and down, is not used for some arousing “up and down movement”. You are back after a late night movie and nobody else is around, the stairs provide the most ideal angle for her to bend over and to have sex in the doggie position.

Other important facet of having doggie posture sex on stairs is that her back and legs well aligned with yours. So you have enough space for optimum penetration and thrust.

Sex at an Event

Your risk of getting noticed or spotted is less when a lot of people have gathered for an event. During the event, get up for a break with a secret agenda. Find a secluded room or bathroom and slip in quietly. You and your partner can have a quickie before straightening and joining the event again. That escapade will always remain on her mind and will increase her lust for you.

Drive her crazy in the car

Did you know she likes you on the ‘driving seat’ for more reasons than you thought? Actually she likes you drive her crazy together with the car.

No you don’t have to be Mr. Bond! Just be a little sensible to find out a shaded tree. Parked in an isolated area, she will not mind lying on backseat for you to be on top of her. She can even ride you till you cum. Whatever you do, make sure it is a quickie and you hit the road again till you find another spot to stop again.


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