It was a few years back that jewellery was considered only the beacon of women and girls. However, times have changed and men have also started considering wearing jewellery as an option to look trendy and stylish. If you are also looking at buying some hip jewellery for yourself here are 10 pieces that you should try.

Fashion and style have expanded their borders and now even men want to look their best all the time. Jewellery which till now was the area of women has been quietly occupied by men as they want to experiment with their style quotient. If you are still in doubt how doing that is possible we bring to you 10 men’s jewellery that will help you.

  1. Silver Dew CZ Diamond Rhodium Plated On Pure 925 Sterling Silver Designer Men’s Ring- Price 2000

Made of 925 sterling silver the item is a perfect wear to convey the seriousness of your personality. The product comes with free shipping and 30 days return guarantee so if you do not like it you can get it replaced. The High-quality CZ stones used never make the ring look artificial and hence give a new style to your appearance.

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  1. Inox Jewellery Darkened Silver Stainless Steel Viking Skull Pendant for Men-Price 1839.

For the adventure seekers, this pendant is a sort of a reflection of their personalities. The item is lead-free and non-toxic so there is almost no chance of you getting any allergies after wearing it. Buy it if you want to show to the world that messing with you is a serious business.

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  1. UM Jewellery Men’s Stainless Steel Masonic Freemason Cufflinks Compass Enamel 16mm- Price 1871

Based on the design of a travel compass these cufflinks are sure to attract some attention towards your side. They look classy and worn under a tweed coat or tuxedo they are bound to make the desired impact.

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  1. Knighthood Antique Feather Tie Pin/Tie Bar for Men Price- 1299

Styled in the shape of a feather this tie pin is suitable for wearing any kind of setup. Since its colour is so generic you can sport it with a shirt or tie of any colour. The pin is made of metal but its appearance is what makes it very different from the rest.

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  1. Inox Jewellery Silver Stainless Steel 6 mm Rounded Franco Chain Bracelet for Men Price 1899

Made of stainless steel the bracelet has a trendy design which you can wear the whole day. The product is not prone to tarnish or oxidization and is also non-toxic. This reduces any chances of allergies affecting the skin making it a decent buy for the stylish male.

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  1. Taraash White CZ Beautiful Design 925 Sterling Silver Finger Ring for Men GR16XC16 Price -1850

Made of Rhodium this ring is the perfect fashion accessory for men who want to make an impression. Nickel-free, lead-free and non-allergic you can be assured that this ring is ever to cause you any kinds of skin allergies. A perfect wear for men who love silver and its hues.

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  1. Blue Floral Square Brass Cufflinks- Price 1850

If you adore the colour blue and shades related to it you must give these cufflinks a try. Simple yet adorable these cufflinks bring out the soft side of your personality. The design of these cufflinks is stylish and can be worn for any kind of occasion.

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  1. Tie kart Gold Plated Funky Stylish Party wear Tiepins for Men- Price 1200

In golden hues, this tie pin shaped in the form of a smoking pipe can be a huge attention attractor. Especially when wearing shirts and ties in brown shades the tiepin can look extremely classy.

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  1. Men’s Stainless Steel Skull Hand Stud Earrings Set 2pcs Silver Colour (Pair Of) Price- 1299.

Are you fond of funky jewellery then these pair of earrings are what would suit you the best. Made of stainless steel the pair is good for casual wearing. You can buy these earrings if you want to look a class apart from rest of your group.

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  1. Asma Titanium Steel Dragon with Gold Sword Angel Wing Cool Necklace Chain for Men Price- 1049

Made of stainless steel the necklace chain design is for the men who are extremely adventurous in nature. The pendant is big enough to be noticed and you can flaunt it while going out on an outdoor trip with your friends. It is but natural that your friends will envy this rugged look of yours.

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The above-mentioned items are trendy and anti-allergic. If you are looking for ways to wear jewellery and look stylish then these items are sure to grant your appearance an uplift. However, since these are expensive items doing your research before making a final selection is advised. Let us know your review of these jewellery pieces as we would love to hear your opinion of the same.