Looking good

Makes you feel good

If you feel good

You do excellent

Who does not want to look great? Are you the one who wears the most expensive ironed clothes; the latest fashion ones, shoes all polished and clean, hair styled like the newest fashion icon, but still you fail to look great. Wondering what more to do and still are unable to find reasons for your not so perfect looks. Are you missing out something? Yes, buddy, you are missing these seven simple things every guy should do to look great. Sit back, read them and practise them.


  1. Smell good: A perfume though invisible makes you unforgettable & desirable. Your perfume tells more about you before you get a chance to speak about yourself. Smelling good is essential. Women are attracted to men who smell great. Do not use a very strong fragrance. After you have a bath, apply a moisturiser and then apply perfume on your pulse points. This will make your perfume last longer.
  2. Avoid oily face: Nobody likes a face that is oily. It not only makes your complexion look dark but also makes you look untidy. Clean your face with an oil-free cleanser. Keep tissues handy. Try blotting paper for an extremely oily face. Once a week you should apply a face pack that contains sandalwood. You can also mix a spoon of lemon juice in it if you like. Drinks loads of water, lemon water and juices. These simple tips can go a long way to keeping your face oil-free.
  3. Cut your nails: Long nails look good, but not on men. Cut your nails regularly. Do not forget to clean your nails.
  4. Moisture your skin: Moisturising is essential, even if you are a male. Do not follow the age old conventional believe that men should not apply things on their face, they are for females. Taking care of your skin has nothing to do with your sex. Moisturise your hands, elbows, knees. Apply Vaseline on your lips to make them more rosy and tempting (Your girlfriend will thank us).
  5. Clean your blackheads: We know, it’s really painful, but for the stud you are, go for it. Try it at home using a scrub or get it done when you go to your Barber or a classy parlour. It will pain a little, but it’s definitely worth the pain.
  6. Trim your hair: For heaven’s sake, trim your hair- nose, underarms and down under (You know where we mean). Hair does not make you macho, your deeds do. Opt for shaving or trimming your hair. We assure you, you will feel better, and the people around you too.
  7. Stand straight: Posture defines you. You should always stand erect. Do not stoop. A straight posture not only makes you look tall, it also brings out the best of your personality. Always stand straight.


Hey good looking!!!!

The world is yours now, go and capture it.