It is said that even if you say a lie convincingly people are going to believe you blindly. But this is not even about lying but ignorance shown by this social activist and that too with the greatest of confidence that may put the most experienced of professors to shame. The Internet cannot believe the stuff he dishes out in the guise of knowledge. Read on and have a laugh…

Vishwa Bandhu Gupta is an Indian social activist and a prominent leader in the 2011 Indian anti-corruption movement. He was a former Indian Revenue Service officer, and also had served in the Income Tax Department.

In a hilarious interview, Vishwa Bandhu Gupta is trying to explain to the person interviewing him about cloud storage by calling it Cloud CDing and why this technology should not be used as there could be problems if it rains or there is a storm. Let us have a look at what this social activist has to say.

In today’s world technology has crept into all aspects of our life. From waking up in the morning to finally going to bed there are numerous ways in which this technology touches us. However, each person’s understanding of technology is different and some misunderstand the whole concept behind it. In a hilarious video posted on social media, Vishwa Bandhu Gupta is trying to explain the harms of using cloud technology to a TV show anchor. Let us tell you how the conversation unfolds.

The video starts off with Vishwa Bandhu Gupta telling why in America all meetings are done with doors closed. According to him in case they do not so and even one person enters the room all the conversations are still present in the air and he can record them and use nefariously. What he does not make us understand is how the whole process of recording sound waves can be done in this context? The best part of his entire declaration is the fact that he is saying it so convincingly that you would want to believe each word of it.

Next Vishwa Bandhu Gupta tells us how in the USA people are instructed not to sell off their old mobiles. They are told to smash the previous one in pieces. As per Uncle even though all the data is on the SIM card over a period of time it moves into the battery. This information has already affected a lot of companies in the USA and the same happens in India as well. Instead of selling the mobile we should all break our phone battery so that no useful data gets leaked. How the data is moved from SIM to the battery is something that we still need to figure out.

Finally, something which will make you go ROFL. Vishwa Bandhu Gupta starts telling the anchor how cloud CDing can be breached and used wrongfully. He says (Pointing his finger upwards) that Cloud CDing exists in the sky (Cloud) and if by chance there is a storm or rain then there is always a chance of the data getting compromised and corrupted. The manner in which he is rendering his understanding of the way Cloud storage technology operates is hilarious. However, the anchor of the show probably does not even realize that as he is busy nodding his head and agreeing with whatever the former Indian revenue service officer has to say.

The end of this conversation is the ultimate declaration where he says that the entire ID created through this cloud software can be easily altered. When the government starts to inspect this information it might just end up falsely accusing innocent people of crimes which are a scary prospect. He also ascertains that it is this reason that a country like Britain did not implement this technology in their daily life processes.

Technology may have been adopted in the present scenario but there are still many people in this world who have gross misinterpretations of the same. How this anti-corruption leader presents his case is also a reflection of how skewed the thinking of certain people are? Do you also agree with what this gentleman has to say? Let us know your opinion to the same.

Watch video of this Hilarious interview with Vishwa Bandhu Gupta.