Life for everyone is a roller coaster ride. Some days we are happy and feel blessed while on some everything is depressing. In such situations, we feel demotivated and wish that there was something that would take us out of this mess. In this article, we would tell you 5 life problems which almost all of us suffer from and tips to handle them better.

  • I am unhappy­ – Afflicting almost 80% of the world’s population this problem leaves you sad and morose. Feeling happy is a state of the mind and to reach it you have to know first what makes you happy. The problem is that most people do not yet have the answer to that question. Try to make your decisions keeping two questions in mind. Will taking that decision make me happy? And is taking this decision the right thing to do? If the answers to both the questions are yes then only proceed further. Saying yes to everything that comes your way is only going to complicate matters.                              
  • I am unhealthy– A majority of the people face this issue regularly. Once the ideal weight limit is crossed we try all sorts of methods to get rid of that excess flab. However achieving the correct results happens only when the approach is right. Instead of just cutting down on food start by eating healthy food. Exercise only to the limit which your body can sustain. However whichever step you take just make sure that you adhere to it completely.                                                                                                                
  • Hate my job– How many of us can say that they love the job they are doing at present? Not many for sure. First of all, if you have just joined then it is important that you do not take any hasty decisions and wait for things to settle down. However once a good time has passed and if you are still stuck then update your resume and look for better opportunities. If the phase is temporary you could take a small break or even pick up a hobby to keep yourself relaxed.                                                                                   
  • Stuck with a bad habit­– Sometimes we get stuck up with habits which do not seem to leave us. Being patient is the key here. First, find out what kind of negative impact that habit is having on your body. It gives you the psychological boost to leave the habit. Finding another passion to keep you busy is another way to handle this.                         
  • Am broke– Until the time we do not get stable in our lives we all have to face money issues. However, you can find alternative modes of income like freelancing which you can do from your home itself. If you do not want to work hard then maybe cutting back on extra expenses would be helpful. Whatever it is, understand that it is a passing phase and once things settle down you would be able to make more moolah.                            

While these are just a few of the commonly existing problems in a person’s life the solutions are not as difficult as you think. Think positive and all your life’s problems will vanish. However, if things still do not work out, in the beginning, be patient and wait for the right time.