Those who witnessed the era of 90’s would remember the little pleasures that we had in forms of Polaroid cameras and jhankar beats. On the other hand, the kids of today are lucky that they have seen the dawn of the technology era. Here we tell you 10 things of today that we as 90’s people would have loved to have in our times.

The 90’s was a different time altogether. The generation which was born then would remember the simple pleasures of life that they got to enjoy. The kids of today’s time are technologically advantaged and are reaping fruits of the seeds that were sown in the 1990’s. As time progresses and things become more advanced here are 10 things that today’s kids have that we as 90’s people would have loved to have.

  1. Ola and Uber– It is so easy to commute and ride to your favorite mall or joint these days. Just call a cab and ferry yourself safely. The 90’s people had to wait for long hours for buses to come and the auto rides were exorbitant.
  2. Video calls– It was extremely difficult and expensive to talk to your out of country relatives back then. However, with Skype and WhatsApp video calling think of a name and the person is right there in front of you.
  3. Smart classes– Though blackboard teaching had a personal touch the kids today are having a totally new experience in learning. The smart classes are providing attractive and interesting ways to help kids understand their concepts.
  4. Internet– Back then we never knew what internet was. Even if there was someone having it in his school it was extremely slow and expensive. Nowadays the kids have Wi-Fi and their life is progressing super fast.
  5. School canteen food– How many of us actually got anything else apart from patty, samosa and bread pakoras in our school canteen? Not many I believe. But today’s children get so many options to choose from that they can eat an entirely different cuisine every day of the week.
  6. Digital photographs– Remember picking up the camera, clicking few pictures and then finally getting the roll developed by a local photo studio. Yes, that was in the 90’s, however, these days people get a chance to click photos from smartphones, laptops and I pads and what to say about the speed at which it can be shared on forums.
  7. Smartphones– We never knew the world of smartphones in those times. But today kids from the age of 2+ know how to operate a smartphone and that also expands their realm of learning.
  8. Lockers in school– Carrying all your books to school was trauma then. The kids today have their personal lockers where they can keep all their stuff and carry only the ones that are required for the homework that day.
  9. Student exchange programs– Schools provide their kids a chance to interact with other students from different countries through such exchange programs. We don’t remember getting any such opportunities at that time.
  10. Hobby classes in schools– Even if had an interest in music or dancing there were not many avenues for us to hone our talents. Kids of today get the chance to learn music, dance, art, pottery and a dozen other abilities and that too during their school only.

These are just 10 of the things we feel that we should have received when we were in school. If you are a 90’s person and feel slightly disadvantaged from the present generation do let us know what is the one thing that you would have wanted to have. We are sure you would be able to come up with plenty of them.