Life in India is interesting and quirky. Even if you are amongst those people who would never interact with crazy people there are still some of them who manage to irk you no matter what. Let us have a look at 13 such people who have a knack for testing your patience all the time.

As a person who has been living in India, you must have realised by now that people here have a desire to always interfere in your matters. In fact, some of them knowingly or unknowingly consider it as a birthright to screw your happiness in different manners possible. Here we bring to you a compilation of 13 such people who if around can surely make you pull your hair in some time.

  1. The first one, of course, is your paanwala who would sell your favourite Gold flake for one rupee extra than its usual price. Of course, if you want it so desperately you will have to agree to his crazy demand.
  2. This is the second category of people who are available all around you. These are those Modi Bhakts who actually thought that Demonetisation worked and would go to any extent to prove to you the same.
  3. Of course, this third category is too widespread to ignore. These include those colleagues who crack lame jokes and are the only ones laughing at
  4. Then comes your Kaam wali bai. She has to close your fan the first thing in the morning and however hard you may try she is not amongst those would understand.
  5. You will always find an autowalah who thinks bargaining is the only task he has come in the world for. No matter how hard you try you cannot escape this category in any case.
  6. Just when you have book an Uber waiting to get ferried to an important location you will find that the driver does not know how to reach your house using Google maps. There you get stuck again.
  7. Sitting in the metro waiting to reach and you find the next category who have an opinion on everything. Not only that they consider it important to discuss that with you.
  8. Next is your neighbour aunty who has a poking nose all the time. The only thing that bothers her is why so many girls are visiting you at your home. And she does not leave any stone unturned to raise her concerns to you.
  9. Once inside the Movie theatre, we want to enjoy the movie in peace. You know what this next set of people make sure that does not happen. They either keep talking on the phone or pass comments on whatever is happening on the screen.
  10. If only we did not have to face the Sanskari uncles who keep reminding us of what they did when they were young. Once they start their daily lecture it is hard to escape the perils of listening to it.
  11. Not only at home and neighbourhood, you have some freaks in office too. Just like the co-worker who makes sure to mark a BCC to your boss every time he writes a mail to you. Especially when you have made an error and don’t want it to be publicised.
  12. Just when you are thinking the list is over here is one set that you must have forgotten. He is your neighbourhood chemist who looks at you from top to bottom when you go to buy a condom for him.
  13. The last category is those people who are diehard fans of Kareena’s character in Jab we met. They are so obsessed with themselves and probably do not realise how painful they can be.

So this is our list of 13 people who are too harmful to you. Have you faced any of them in your life? If yes then do let us know which one of them. Also if you think there should be some more entrants to this list do tell us about them.