Phew, just when we thought we had fought back the menace of the Blue Whale challenge comes another game in the same category. Also known as the Dangerous Momo challenge, this game has been responsible for at least one girl’s death in Argentina. However, this time we were vigilant than before and hence the damage is not as much as last time. For those who are still confused about the game we answer all your queries about what this is all about.

Dangerous Momo Challenge

So, What Exactly is this Dangerous Momo challenge?

The game “Momo Challenge” supposedly started on Facebook where the users have to accomplish some basic tasks in order to get to meet the character ‘Momo’ in the end. That these tasks keep getting violent and tough with time goes without saying. When the user reaches the last step of the game he is expected to commit suicide just like the Blue whale game.

Unfortunately, the user gets addicted to the game and in case he refuses to give in he is threatened with violent images. As a result, he is forced to continue with the game and keep participating in the hideous tasks assigned.

Origin of this dangerous Momo challenge

Momo’ is supposedly a social media platform and it is depicted by a horrible looking doll which has monstrous features. It is believed that this account is connected to three different numbers in Japan, Mexico, and Columbia. The artwork used in the game is inspired by a Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, however, she has nothing to do with it.

How dangerous it is and the number of victims

So far there has been only one victim of the game. A girl in Argentina fell prey to the curiosity of this Challenge. And she even filmed her act of committing suicide. Apparently, she was in contact with another user who was encouraging her to go ahead with the game. The only problem for the police now is that they have no clue about the other guy and hence proceeding with the case is extremely difficult.

With uncontrolled access to TV and mobile usage, games such as these do more harm to the kids. Kids may not understand the dangers of such games and can go to any extent to pass that various game levels and try finish or win the game. Drastic action if not taken at the beginning can seriously affect the safety of your kids.

How to protect your child from this dangerous MoMo challenge?

• Keep an eye on your child’s online activity. This may irk your kids a bit, but if you are concerned about their safety, keep checking what they are doing while online. Before your kids come to know from others about this dangerous Momo challenge It is better that you guide him about it. Make your kids understand what can happen in the end and how they should not search, join or follow this game.

• Set rules about how much smartphone access they can have on a particular day including screening their Whatsapp & other social media Friends & groups.

• Openly talk to your kids about how their day went and how things are going for them. If you see any change in their behavior be sure to talk to them and try to understand if there is any problem.

• If you come to know that they are playing this game then shut it down immediately and sit them down and talk to them gently explaining how dangerous this game is and why they should stay away from it.

• Inform the concerned authorities and monitor your kids calls & social media messages for a while.

Govt issues advisory against deadly ‘Momo’ challenge game

In the case of this dangerous Momo challenge, we have been a little more careful. The Mumbai police have already issued directives about the game and its usage. Hopefully, it should not cause any more damage but it is still better if you guide your kids to stay careful and safe.

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