This, though being a topic women get pissed off at, still needs to be explained for the benefit of millions of guys who have no clue on this topic. Those 5 days of the month (Read: Periods – For Guys who still do not know what we are talking about) are not only harrowing for her but also for the people who come in contact with her. The result is that there is intense friction & stress that is very much visible for all to see and men usually have no clue on what is happening or how to handle and manage the situation.

We bring you the real reasons so that you Guys can understand & tread around carefully so as not to get yourself hurt physically. We are really worried for you hence pay attention.

Being Emotional
The first thing that leads a woman to become emotional is the hormone imbalances. Even though no one has a clear idea of how these hormones work but the truth is that the effects of the onset start showing a few days prior to the periods. The problem aggravates more during the periods as there are serious mood alterations seen. Guys, on sensing the first signs of mood change, do try and keep your mouth shut and stay at your best behavior for God’s sake.

Pain & Discomfort
The pain and discomfort of the period cause most women to behave like a pressure cooker ready to explode. The fact is that the pain is more severe during the initial days and makes them irritable. The frequent washroom visits and the inconvenience of sitting at one place for long hours is another major reason why women feel on the edge.

The mood swings and the pain combined makes women feel stressed. They feel very emotionally tensed and if in such a scenario you were to pick up a fight with her, she would feel that she is being targeted wrongly. This makes her defensive and leads to escalation of the fight. Many women even get depressed during these days hence adding up to their misery. Our advice to you guys is to avoid provoking her and give her the love & comfort she deserves. Understand what she is going through and try to make things comfortable for her as much as possible.

Women feel misunderstood
Women during these times feels misunderstood. Since Periods is not a subject that is freely discussed, women may feel misunderstood as their mood fluctuations may be misinterpreted as being rude or as having an attitude. In such a situation others are most likely not going to understand her point of view. This causes her to feel alienated and sidelined hence causing more unhappiness. Do see things from her side and be considerate when dealing and communicating with her.

Social Stigma
Lastly, there is a social stigma associated with periods even now. Most people still treat it as a disease which makes a girl untouchable for those 5 days. This hypocrisy of the society is too much for the girl to bear. While men can do as they please, girls are restricted from doing anything of their choice during these 5 days. This discrepancy in behavior exposes the double standards of our society. Women want to break out of this mold but are unable to do so because of the rigidness of the rules. In the end, most women feel disillusioned, hurt and helpless during that time.

Periods for a woman are a tough time both physically and emotionally. In this time they want to be loved and cared for. If their spouse or partner is able to do that successfully then there are no reasons why the woman would be upset during the dreaded 5 days of her month.



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