Here’s a look at 6 Reasons that makes us guys better at friendship than women.

  1. They are really there when you need them

If you’re a guy, you know how we tend to value friendship and go out of our way when it comes to helping our close buddies. Nothing is a tall ask for us when we are trying to help or support a friend, and a friend in need is a friend indeed pretty much describes our friendship.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean to say women make bad friends, but usually they tend to avoid taking risks to help their friends out, which is probably also a result of some of the limitations they face as a woman.

  1. They follow the unsaid norms

Despite being willing to put it all on the line when their friend is in need, men usually still don’t fail to follow the unsaid norms in their friendship. They won’t get curious about their friend’s personal life, especially if they see that their friend is hesitant to share it with them.

However, they still wouldn’t have a problem maintaining just as healthy friendship as they otherwise would. Not criticizing their friend on their back, respecting them despite the usual typical insults and so on are other common unsaid norms.

  1. No pressure to share

Unlike among women, the quality of friendship among men is not judged by how much their friend is willing to share. Men tend to really respect one another’s personal space, and wouldn’t mind being close friends without sharing much personal stuff.

That’s probably the reason guys are so comfortable with one another as friends; they know they are not going to be bugged to share stuff they don’t want to.

  1. Expectations are usually not burdening

Guys usually have very realistic and limited expectations from their friends. Although they don’t fail to help whenever they can, it won’t disappoint their friends if they couldn’t.

Men understand that someone not helping them once doesn’t have to spoil an otherwise good friendship, and this is one of the reasons years or even decades long friendships are common among them.

  1. They have a forgetting and forgiving nature

Guys usually don’t hold grudges against their friends for little mistakes or disappointments, like forgetting their birthday. We don’t like saying it but we know that many times such little issues end up weakening friendships among women big time.

  1. They are far less judgmental

Ever imagined why it’s easy to get going in a gang of guys than even to have a plain conversation with a girl? Perhaps one of the most important reasons is that guys are way less judgmental.

Although they may need some common interests to be comfortable with each other, that’s precisely all they need. They won’t judge you even if you’re a miser or have a bad dressing sense. Such little things hardly ever matter to them, though it can be a big deal for women.