Do you feel you have a special love that you share with your partner? Have you ever had one of those, ‘How to make my girlfriend happy’ thoughts?

It’s very possible you do, but couples have a way of destroying that love and there are some common ways that almost every relationship goes about doing this.

How to make my girlfriend happy’

To answer your question on, ‘How to make my girlfriend happy’ – Below are 5 ways that will give you and your partner a chance of keeping your relationship strong for many years.

  1. The give and take in a relationship is very important. If only one of you is doing the giving in your relationship you could be headed toward trouble. Both of you should be giving equally of themselves instead of only doing the GIVING. Share the load and help each other out.
  2. Being able to effectively communicate is very important in any relationship. The key is being able to really listen to what your partner says. Do not hear things from just your own perspective because you may miss what your partner is actually trying to say.Do try and read between the lines when your partner is telling you something, as she may be trying to tell you her feelings. Learn to express what you truly feel and if you do not understand the meaning behind something your partner says, then ask them to clarify. Under no circumstances should you assume anything.
  3. Show your love for your partner. Even the little things count such as an unexpected hug or simply holding hands. Showing affection does not only mean sex, it means making your partner feel good about themselves and feel desired. If you can make at least half of the affection you show from non-sexual ways you will be on the right track.
  4. Keep the relationship healthy by having good habits. If you’re shared interests hinge on drug use or other non-positive aspects, your relation will not last. If your interests together are non-positive things, the two of you need to get help as soon as possible. Your relationship and yourselves are being self-destructive and you could be ruining your life.
  5. Are you and your partner best friends? If there are things you would tell to your friends but not to your partner or spouse then you may not truly be best friends. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything; if you are not at this point then your relationship may need some help.

Hope these answer your, ‘How to make my girlfriend happy’ question. These 5 ‘How to make my girlfriend happy’ ways are a good starting point to help make a better relationship. If you can follow these you stand to have a better chance for a long and healthy partnership with your best friend.

If you want to rescue your relationship, it would need to learn all you can. If you just try to improvise it you stand a chance of making it worse.

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