Women love taking care of things, cooks great meals for you, packs your backpack etc, in short, they are maternal creatures and you need to understand them better to make them happy. And here goes the top 10 things you can work on to make your girl happy.

  1. Surprise her with customized gifts: you don’t need to buy expensive gifts to make your bae happy. You can show your love by giving her memorable token of love. Customized gifts like personalized mugs, cushions, wooden plaques are to be appreciated every day and are perfect for special occasion.
  2. Set a romantic date: surprise her with a romantic date in a fine restaurant, at the movie or just in your home. What really matters is that it has to be romantic. You can spice it up by cooking her favourite dish and it will make her feel very happy and indeed special.
  3. Compliment her: always compliment her by saying she is incredibly beautiful. When you notice something nice about her, praise and adore her beautiful smile. These may seem small to you but a women feel more appreciated when you compliment her.                    
  4. Write short love notes: this is the sweetest thing you can do to her and show how you think and feel about her throughout the day. Short love notes or letters are very affectionate specially handwritten one are a special treat and are keepsakes and can be cherished.
  5. Call her or send her sweet text messages: calling her once a day to ask how her day was or what is she doing will make her feel cared of. Tell her she is on your mind by showering sweet text messages and can instantly make her happy.
  6. Make her laugh: you can share funny thoughts to make her laugh. Humor is a very important thing is relationships. Funny gestures or line can make the whole day like a fun activity.                                                                                                                   
  7. Planning out a weekend trip together: to keep away from stress at work planning a trip feels better. This will make your girl happy and bring back the passion in your relationships.
  8. Be a good listener: she will surely love you for listening all her rants about life. Hence paying attention to her while she is speaking will make her feel that she is special.
  9. Flowers: the best way to make your girl ecstatic is to drop flowers unexpectedly at her office or home. Girls have the tendency to derive the simplest form of happiness. Flowers are the best way to show your love and affection.
  10. Put her needs first: prioritize her first and yourself second. When you bent for her even it was not something you wanted to, will prove your selfless love for her.

Use these 10 small romantic gestures to bring out the wildest of smile and she will appreciate you a lot for being a special guy to her.