One of the best people in this world is your Best Friend but there is no one other like your Bro. A bro is made of the same substance as you. He is compatible with you on all grounds imaginable. He is like an extension of you, your other half and God send you on this earth with an important mission to find and unite with your Bro. Here’s how  Bro is the best relation you have.


  1. Best Friends take time to open and gel up. But a Bro recognizes the other Bro the moment he lays eyes on him and instantly meshes with you.
  2. Best Friends give happiness but Bro’s give ecstasy. Like literally. A Bestie makes you smile and giggle but a bro makes you fall on your back with laughter. A rib aching loud laughter that makes your eyes sting with tears of joy.
  3. A Best Friend hears you out with patience and understanding but a Bro takes one good look at your face and knows what’s going on with you.
  4. A best friend calls at 12 to wish you Bday but a bro shows up at door with cake, liquor and to give you sore Bday bumps.
  5. A best friend will act as an alibi to save from trouble but your bro will be your partner in crime in that goof up and will stand beside you till the end of ordeal.
  6. A best friend responds to your statements but a Bro completes your sentences.
  7. A best friend will plead with your teacher and parents when you are caught in mischief but a bro will fight on your behalf with your teachers and friends.
  8. A best friend will cook for you but your Bro will snatch the plate from your hands and gobble down every bite.
  9. A bestie understands you. A bro completes you. Period.
  10. A best friend will make plans with you but a Bro makes memories with you. Besties are great but bro’s are legends.