Father is not a word it’s a feeling, an all-consuming, ardent and blazingly beautiful feeling.

“I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.” – Sigmund Freud

Children who are victims of fatherly rejection and deprived of that protection develop complexes which prods a void in their heart.

Take Robin Scherbatsky of HIMYM for example, childhood rejection from her father had conjured a deep-rooted insecurity in her fostering a fear of any real commitment in relationships. Imraan Quereshi  of  ZNMD had trouble coping up with the raging emotions of being abandoned by his biological father.  His mind was haunted by that rejection and he ventured  to Spain with the intent of meeting his father yearning for a closure.

We must take out a moment from our life to realize that we are blessed to have enjoyed father protection and affection. Just reflect

father and son near mountains

  1. A father sacrifices his own desires for the wishes of his children. He will wear the same old set of clothes year in and year out but will buy new ones for his child. He will give up on all his fancies for the whims and happiness of his children.
  2. He is the best teacher one can ask for. Who held our hand and taught us to walk? Who supported us when we stumbled? Who pampered us when we fell and cried?
  3. He is our friend, our protector and our mentor. He holds his daughter down when she is going through a tragic breakup, consoling and comforting. He shares whisky with his son when he comes of age and starts taking responsibilities.
  4. His worst fears are associated with our hardships. He doesn’t want us to struggle in life the way he does.  He will do anything and everything for our safe-keep, even till the last drop of his blood.
  5. A father is happiest when he beholds the success of his children. Our rivals, friends, relatives and contemporaries all will be jealous to see us rise up and succeed. But father will gloat with joy and burst with pride in our fortune and triumphs.
  6. We share are best memories with our father. When we look back they make us smile and nostalgic at the same time. Many of our “firsts” memories are credited to him. First walk, first run, first visit to the beach, first bike-ride lesson, first soccer lesson, first visit to the zoo, first picnic, first cricket bat etc are to our fathers. Without these are lives will always be unfulfilled.

father and son

A million thanks to my father for being there for me and guiding me through every lurch and turns in life.  Thanks for honing my personality and growth and for a thousand wonderful memories that I cannot share with anyone else. Thanks dad for being there.