Watch out for this Mistake when Wooing your girl

Games of love are difficult to decipher. Often men find a girl who they would love to pursue. But even after repeated interactions somehow it is difficult for them to make her understand the depth of their feelings. If you are in such a such a scenario then probably you are committing a mistake when wooing your girl.



Too much respect

It is good that you consider your girl respectable and do everything possible to make her realize that. But giving too much respect can be dangerous as it could quietly escalate into worship mode where you put the person high on a pedestal that even they find uncomfortable to hold on to. When you go from respect to worship mode then you are committing a mistake when wooing your girl. The relationship equation changes and you move from a potential love relationship to a worshiping relationship and that is definitely not what you want.

Over Pleasing your girl

Men generally go out of their way to please their girl. Though majority of times it may work and women love the attention they receive, one can sometimes go overboard.Women know when your attempt to please her is genuine or not. So when you try to over please she knows its not a genuine act on your part and you are just doing it for the sake of it. Just behave normal and avoid this mistake when wooing your girl. Just be your natural self and don’t put a show.

Getting Friend Zoned – A Grave Mistake when Wooing your girl

Even the best of us have fallen into this trap. This one mistake when wooing your girl will forever dump your dream of a relationship into a friend zone dumpster.First of all don’t be predictable. Your don’t have to tell her your entire days itinerary and every small thing your do. Don’t be that Good Boy Brother/Friend material to your girl. Try as best to never let her use you for her personal needs. Don’t be that forever shoulder for her to cry on and don’t be at her beck & call. Does she always want to do things her way? Then take charge and for a change do things your way. Have a life of your own too and go out with your set of friends and make sure she knows you had a good time. Let her believe that you too have lots of options too choose from and not only dependent on her. What ever you do, stay away from the Friend Zone.

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Being over possessive

It is good that you want to spend a lot of time with your girlfriend. What is bad however is pursuing her relentlessly and asking her to spend every minute of her time with you. Give her some space and keep yourself busy with other activities & other friends. If she finds you following her like a puppy all the time chances are she might have no respect for you and would move on even before you realize it. If you stop her from meeting with friends, ask her to stop talking to any of her guy friends or tell her what to & what not to wear then this lovely bird of yours is going to fly right out of the window into never return land.

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Acting as a weakling

Women like strong men and if you turn up at her door asking for solutions to every tiny bit of problem then that is not right. Instead try and be the one who she can turn to in case she is suffering from any problem. Stand up for her & take her side and defend her whenever she finds herself in unfavorable situations. Be the man she can rely on.That is what most women want in most of the cases. A weak person is not their idea of an ideal man and hence refrain from portraying yourself in that manner.

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