Let’s be honest here, flirting is not something you learn, it is something you are born with. That look, that eye movement and the choice of words, everything you do and you think you are flirting is somewhere not giving you what you want. Quiet natural and a super obvious thing that the flirting is not going right. No worries it’s not a magic science, just a few don’ts will give you a heads start and help you with an understanding of how to enrich your flirting game.

Read on to know your error areas, do thank us later though!

  • You are blushing: The girl sitting across the table is not your life partner so stop getting that colour on your cheeks. Since it is a hormonal thing, the right way to stop is to stop giving this meeting a high priority. Your high expectation is the one thing that is killing your game.

  • You make too much eye contact: Not that it is a bad thing but yeah you should keep your game up and levelled. Too much of eye contact makes her uncomfortable like you are trying to find something that is probably not there at the moment. So a gentlemen’s eye contact will give you the push you need.

  • You are checking her out too much: We don’t blame you, it is right and it happens, this is a built-in mechanism of a guy, but it is making her uncomfortable. Anything that you do is making her feel awkward in your company is probably not right. Make this your mantra.

  • You try to touch her in useless ways: The thing that you saw on TV is only for actors, not every girl likes to be touched at the first meeting, even if she likes you. A girl has her own space and she likes it to be there in a couple of first meetings. Let her break the ice and let her give you the sign that she wants to be cozy.

  • You are talking too much about yourself: One of the most common errors. You are trying to get into her by talking to her too much about what you have and what you like. Believe us, if she likes you, she will find that out herself. Girls are super stalkers, so leave something for her homework.

  • You tell her that you are single: Well, isn’t that an obvious thing that you are flirting with her. Never give too much of information and anything that can annoy her out of the talk. Keep your motivation high and let her find out which will be a hint that she likes you.

  • You are trying to be too nice: Everyone has this capability to understand that a person is getting out of his comfort zone and talking out. Refrain from being extra nice to her and people around her if you are with her friends by luck. The friends will know that you are trying too hard.

Now, go get her!