Yes we guys have at all points of our lives wondered hard on how to impress girls we have a crush on. Yes, it’s true that looks are not everything & that it is the inside that counts. But before that girl has a chance to take a peek inside you, it is important that you groom well & look good coz as they say, ‘The First Impression is the Best Impression’.

Having a good personality, a sense of humor, Kindness etc certainly plays a stronger hand on how she may perceive you as a person, however if you are happy to walk into her friendship zone and be her bff then you can stop reading this article here & now.

5 Must Know Smart Grooming Tips For Guys

For the majority who wants to avoid that friendship trap, the first step is to be attractive to your crush so that she doesn’t compartmentalize you into the Friendship Zone. The idea is to look Good, Neat & Smart by grooming yourself right. Here is How to Impress Girls With These Useful Grooming Steps.

    1. How to Impress Girls if your Breath Stinks

      Women hate bad breath. They will keep a mile away from you if your mouth smells like shit or like something died in their. You may not realize the extent of the bad odor and your friends may not tell you so. Just one whiff & you can say goodbye to even the slimmest chance you may even have. Nothing will ever save you past this point unless you take the right steps before hand itself. Buy & use these Oral Hygiene Products and see for your yourself how you chat a way into your crushes heart. Click on Below Images to View

      a) Colgate Plax Fresh Tea Mouthwash: Protect your mouth by removing over 99% of bad breath causing germs and get ultra fresh breath. Make sure to use this before you meet your crush. You will exude confidence after using this mouthwash.

    b) FreshMeltz Oral Hygiene Fresh Breath: Throw out the cheap mints that you buy from your local baniya or paanwala. These cheap mints doesn’t completely get rid of your bad breath. At best what it does is just cover up just so slightly just for your satisfaction and nothing else. Buy these FreshMeltz Strips & get instant freshness and confidence when you talk to girls. FreshMeltz has active anti-bacterial properties that kills bad breath. Click on Below Image to View

 2. How to Impress Girls if you have body odor

You took care of your bad breath. You are feeling confident to ask your crush for a date. But wait! Just sniff yourself a bit. How do you smell? Do you have body odor? Do you think that useless soap you are using is helping you to fight & kill body odor? Of course not. Your soap just looks fancy but is of absolutely no use. If you want to kill off the body odor then these are what will give you 100% results. Try them out & let us know. Click on Below Images to View

 a)  Old Spice Wild Collection Bearglove Men’s Body Wash: Old Spice Men’s Deodorant reduces underarm odor for 24 hours. Old Spice Men’s Deodorant overpowers even the burliest stink with overwhelming good manly fragrance. Fade-resistant scent technology lets you smell manly fresh all day. Click on Below Image to View

 b) Bath and Body Works Signature Collection 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash: Simply Lather & Rinse for the Ultimate in Manly freshness. The Key fragrance of Bergamot, Cypress, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Cedar wood and Vetiver form an exclusive formula to deliver a fresh, cool & Body Odor free fragrance that lasts all day. Click on Below Image to View

 c) Skin Elements Men’s Intimate Wash: What is the point of a good smelling breath, hair & body if your junk down your pant smells like rotten eggs? Yes, they do smell bad. Don’t believe us then just try to get a sniff down there. The key to intimate grooming and hygiene is to keep your family heirloom (your private parts) clean, tidy, fresh & odor free. You never know when you get the chance to score a goal. You surely don’t want to suffocate that poor thing (notice how we didn’t mention the gender here). If you are getting laid for the first time then you better spruce up your manly garden with this Intimate Hygiene wash. Click on Below Image to View

3. How to Impress Girls with the Ultimate Skin Care

When was the last time you got a facial done? Black heads & Dark Spots, do you know what they are? How to impress girls if your answer to the above question is ‘No’ then my friend, you are better off with P@#nHub, X-Videos & Tissues. Ok, jokes aside, it is important that you take very good of your skin as your crush will be looking at your face while talking to you. You don’t want her counting your blackheads & pimples do you? Use these Mens ultimate skin care grooming products to banish them from your life forever. Click on Below Images to View

a) Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer Kit: First things first. Before using any of the skin care stuff it is essential you either keep your beard neat & trimmed or go clean shaven as girls like your face to look neat & clean be it with a beard or without. Style your face & sell your crush a dream. Click on Below Image to View

b) MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Face Wash: It’s Deep Cleanse action & Oil free property gives it a deep cleansing and nourishing Face Wash that washes away all the impurities and dirt. The key ingredient, Coffee deep cleans, increases collagen production and tones the skin & reduces puffiness to give a handsome & youthful skin. The other ingredients, White water lily regenerates skin cells, Aloe Vera soothes skin, and Seaweed reduces skin pigmentation. Click on Below Image to View

 c) MIXIFY® Unloc Skin Glow Face Serum with Vitamin C and extracts of Mulberry & Licorice: This Unisex Face Serum works magic on your skin by Exfoliation, anti-oxidizing, brightening and soothing the skin to get a natural and powerful dose of face glow. It transforms dull & boring skin into a radiant looking skin, making it brighter & smoother. It helps by giving mild exfoliating effect on the skin’s surface, removing dead skin cells, minimizing appearance of pores, regaining elasticity of the skin. Click on Below Image to View

 d) English blazer Talc, Black: This all essential Talcum powder should find its way on your dressing table. Please don’t use women’s talcum powder and smell sweet like lillies or sandalwood. Go for a men’s Talc that is for the manly rugged skin. English Blazer Talc is an authentic English Fragrance that appeals to the gentleman in you who wants to appear distinguished and accomplished. It carries hero – like qualities and personifies a character like James Bond who is competent, professional and knowledgeable. Click on Below Image to View

e) L’Oreal Men Expert Invincible Sport Anti-Perspiration Roll-on: This is Men Expert’s first antiperspirant enriched with Magnesia, a compound used by weight lifters to increase gripping power. This antiperspirant keeps your armpits dry & fresh for up to 96 hours. A fresh woody & manly fragrance is the only thing you’ll smell of after a workout. Click on Below Image to View


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