We understand that you are embarking on a new journey with the love of your life and would like it to be perfect. We also understand that owing to either overburdening expectations or due to absolute under-preparation guys tend to mess up the one night they want to remember for the rest of their adult lives.

We also know that you will be getting dozens of suggestions from well-meaning friends and relatives as they usually do. These can get quite overwhelming really.

Well, boys hold your horses! We understand it is “THE” night for you. But just like any endeavor, you undertake there are certain things a guy must and must not do on his First Night. Presenting GuysWorld’s very own things you should and should not do on your wedding night!


  • Brush your teeth: We mean it. You have to get ready for some kind of intimacy and nothing like bad breath to turn off your partner. So oral hygiene is the top priority.                                                                                                                                          
  • Clean up the bed and first-night suite: Clean up your bed and the room like you would wipe clean that slate to write a new chapter. She has left everything familiar to begin a new life with you and the least you can do is give her something beautiful, to begin with. Oh, while you are at it, make sure you have sprayed little doses of a fragrant air-freshener. It’s always the little things we forget that makes a big first impression.                                                                                                                                       


  • Ease frayed nerves: She will be as nervous as you are and acknowledge that. Since you are at a “home advantage” here (we mean that literally) the onus is on you to calm her and show her how you will be there for her forever.                                                 
  • Dialogue: Talk to her. Take her name. Make little jokes. Ask her questions which will get her to start talking. Just listen. Laugh with her. Tell her why she is perfect for you.           
  • Plan: Do carry protection and know that you are as vulnerable as she is shedding your cloth in front of a stranger. Dim the lights if both of you prefer that. Take it gentle. Lead her on if she is willing. Caress her and give her gentle kisses. Look her deep in her eyes while whispering her name. Plan well but be ready to improvise.                                    



  • Force yourself on her: Don’t go by the popular and incorrect adage that marriage is the license to infinite sex. There are laws and decency codes which state that you need to restrain yourself and not force yourself onto her. Give her time to know you and you will see that waiting for it actually is rewarding than jumping the gun! Kamasutra says so!
  • Talk about the past: It is not the right time or place to discuss about her past or yours. Also stay off topics like religion or politics. There are better situations to discuss all that.                                                                                                                     
  • Be judgemental: About her body or about her readiness. Or be apologetic about yours. Instead, revel in both your individuality.