Have you ever experienced a weird, creepy, and spine chilling feeling which makes you believe in all those paranormal things that people keep spouting about at random? Whether you have experienced it firsthand or been told by a friend or relative, such instances impact you deeply. These may even alter your path in life. So, here are a few of such real life experiences narrated by people that make us believe in paranormal activities. Read on and fall into the paranormal spell!

Out of this World Response

Electronic voice phenomenon or EVP denotes recording that is done to absorb ambient noise (background noise) while an investigation is done. Generally, no abnormal sounds are detected during a recording. But things get interesting when playback of the recording is done. Some instances really leave you swathed in goose bumps.

One such recording is about the investigation done on a chronic smoker who had died due to cancer in the lungs.  While recording one investigator had queried whether the man was mad. While playing back the recording, they could hear the raspy but clear reply, ‘Yes’. It turned out that the voice belonged to the dead man (the father of the homeowner who could identify the voice).

Eerie Welcome

Members of Paranormal Society mostly have multiple such experiences that had initially driven them towards the society, so they could share them with others who had similar experiences. One such member had a nerve chilling experience during an investigation. While he was going through a Tuberculosis sanatorium, he was grabbed and pulled backward by an unseen force.

Since he was a hefty guy, it was not an easy task. He complained of feeling frozen in his elbow region. A thermal camera was used to check the temperature and they found his elbow was colder than other parts by 15 degrees! Now, this is what you call a real chilling experience.

The motion detectors in this man’s room had gone off despite no one being present. Thinking that a defect had caused the alarm to trip, he changed it; however, the new one had the same issue. This went on for a few more times that he eventually gave up. The man’s daughter considers that it was the work of their dead mother who was probably miffed about her dad’s new girlfriend. She’s certain that it was a warning sign!

Ghosts and Rings

A young woman was curious about ghosts and their existence. To satisfy her curiosity, she had looked in a few ghost books in a bookstore. One of the books had a real image of a ghost in it. She was mesmerized by the image and as she was staring at it, she sensed her ring starting to heat up and in a few seconds, it shattered and fell on the nearby table. Imagine her reaction and that too when she was viewing a ghost image. She was even more spooked when she collected the broken ring pieces – they were ice cold!

The Cheerful Ghost

While investigating a century-old manor, which was turned into a museum, the EVP machine recording played back a roaring belly laugh belonging to a man. Since all the investigators were female, the voice had to belong to the long dead owner of the house who had been a jovial and boisterous fellow.

While investigating paranormal happenings, most of them turn out to be false and a major part will be tedious and dull. But you never know when a genuine paranormal happening can occur and when it does, it really sets off those goose bumps, exciting you beyond imagination. Now, you know when to pause and mull over when certain things around you go loose and behave strangely!