An American science channel called ‘What on Earth’ has made claims supporting the Indian Hindu Faith & Belief of there existing a man made bridge at Adams Bridge a.k.a RAMA SETU which was as per the Hindu Sacred Text Ramayana, built by Lord Rama and his army of Monkeys.

Hindus strongly believe that the Bridge exists as it was constructed by Lord Rama as he set out to free his wife, Sita from the clutches of Ravana in Lanka. The bridge had to be built, linking the southern tip of India with Lanka so that the Lords army could get across.

The science channel in its Documentary promo comes to a definite conclusion with scientific proof & evidence that the Rama Setu is a man made structure, a bridge stretching over 30 miles, joining India to Srilanka.

The science channel stated that the 30 mile stretch of Sand bar from the Indian southern tip to Srilanka was naturally forming and is said to have formed over 4000 years old. However what struck the scientists as odd was the rocks that lay on top of the 4000 year old sand bar. The stones were over 7000 years old and older than the sand bar they were lying on top of. The 7000 year old rocks were probably brought from some other place and placed on the sand bar.

The science channel claims without any doubt that the rock formation across the entire stretch was man made and could not have formed naturally. They have absolutely no doubt that the Rama Setu is a man made structure that did coincide with the Ramayana.

The scientist backing the evidence state that the  documentary promo dates the construction of Rama Setu somewhere about 5,000 years ago and called it a superhuman achievement.

Watch the Rama Setu Documentary Promo HERE

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