In today’s world, balance seems to be lost from all spheres of life. Human kind has always been in the midst of problems but today people are met with more difficult & serious situations and look desperately around for answers.

These situations are such that leaves a person absolutely entangled and confused. A peaceful world and a peaceful life seems an utopia, a mirage that is always out of reach. The wars, conflicts, crimes & drama that we see each day consumes us with fear and anguish as we try to live each day wondering what the next day would bring.

So where should we look for encouragement and motivation? Where should we head for a solution? It is believed that the answers to all our problems lie among the Holy Scriptures left for us by our ancestors.

Among all the scriptures, the Holy Bible is followed and by a huge percentage of people around the world. The Holy Bible enumerates the acts and words spoken by Jesus Christ and contains valuable lessons for life.

Let us learn some of the lessons that the Bible teaches us:-

  1. Word of Christ tells us to love God, to love your friends and to even love your enemies. Christ tries to explain that one should never follow the path of revenge. Love shall conquer all and win. Even when people are unkind to you, show them your concern your love even when they are at their worst to you. Your love for them shall definitely change their heart soon.
  2. Christ explains that if a person wants to be great, if a person wants to be remembered and praised then he shall serve all people with utmost effort. You can be a leader only if you know how to render service.
  3. The Bible teaches that what you give to others you will receive the same in return. So one must spread love and care to be able to receive the same. So it is just like saying that if you want people to do something for you, first you need to serve them with the same. It is as simple as knowing that ‘what goes around comes around’.
  4. The bible through the verses of Jesus unveils a very amazing principle of life. Jesus in the Bible had said that if you want something then you must simply be direct to ask God for it. A person in life shall always be blessed with whatever he always asks for, be it good or bad.
  5. It is a common habit of humans to say negatives about one another. But the bible prohibits one from saying any such thing against some other human being. No one is ever perfect and if you point a finger at another, you should first look into yourself, to correct your own faults.
  6. The Bible says promises should always be kept. This virtue shall enable others to trust you more.
  7. One must never boast of what they do for others. If you do and you say that out loud to all, then the service and charity shall lose its importance.
  8. One of the best lessons in the Bible says that if you can ask God to forgive you for your mistakes, then you should also forgive other people for whatever wrong they do. If you can ask for forgiveness you should be ready to give it to others as well.
  9. Praise all and please all is what the Bible tries to make everyone learn. If you utter a word out of your mouth be sure that it is positive.
  10. One should believe that nothing is impossible and you should have faith upon yourself and in God. Always stay focused and trust that you can achieve all that you want. Believe that everything is possible. Have faith in the power of the Almighty.