Like most issues, science and spirituality have been at loggerheads on the concept of reincarnation. Science has propagated biological death to be the absolute end whereas spiritualists have believed that body is only a vessel that carries the eternal energetic aspect of our consciousness called the ‘soul’ to its next logical destination. It is a belief that during this journey, the soul changes many bodies, is reincarnated in many forms, and goes through many births and deaths before merging with its source – the all-pervading cosmic consciousness.

ories that were dismissed as absurd, that prove beyond doubt that ‘reincarnation’ is not some wild fabrication of overly fertile minds.

  1. The story begins on 19th January A six-year-old boyer’s shop by two men. Later, the boy’s body is found on the outskirts. Six months later, a child is born in another city. Two years pass, and the child starts talking about his previous house and past parents. Strangely, the boy has a unique birthmark on his neck. The boy then starts narrating how two men had killed him. The boy’s claims spread across the State and his past-life father hears of it. He comes to the city with his wife to meet the boy. As soon as the boy sees his past parents, he recognizes them and hugs them intensely. This story is touchy and truthful at the same time!
  2. This incident is from 1956. A child, Gopal, was born into the Gupta family in Delhi. When Gopal was 2, he started talking of his past birth. He said that he was Shaktipal from Mathura. He narrated that he had three brothers and that one of them had shot him to death. He also said that he owned a medical shop called ‘Sukh Sancharak’. Hearing this, Gopal’s father started investigating. He found that indeed a man called Shaktipal, the owner of ‘Sukh Sancharak’, had been killed by one of his brothers. When the Shaktipal family came to hear of Gopal, they travelled to Delhi to meet him. Upon seeing them, young Gopal recognised He was then taken to Mathura where he recognised everything – his shop and his kids. As surprising this story is, it brings up so many queries to the table of life!
  3. In 1950, Bholenath Jain’s son Nirmal died of smallpox. A year later, in 1951, a baby boy was born into the family of B.L. Washarney of Chhata village. He was named Prakash. At the age of four and a half years, Prakash suddenly claimed to be from Kosikala village, and that his name was Nirmal. To prove him wrong, in 1956, his Uncle took him to Kosikala village. Once there, he began to recall many incidents. In 1966, Bholenath happened to visit Chhata. Here, he heard of young Prakash. Intrigued, Bholenath visited the Washarney family. Seeing his father from his past birth, Prakash instantly recognised He shared with him several incidents which were known only to Nirmal and his father. Interesting it is, right?
  4. This story is based in Agra. The local postmasterN. Bhargav had a daughter – Manju. As she turned two, Manju started claiming that she had two houses. Whenever they crossed a big house in Dhuliyaganj, she would point to it, claiming it was hers. One day Manju was taken to the house. There in front of Prakash Singh Chaturvedi, the owner, she narrated many incidents that only the Chaturvedi family knew. Later, it was established that Manju was none other than Prakash Singh’s aunt who died in 1956. Truth and reality, you cannot really put a lid on them, can you?
  5. In 1960, Pravin Chandra’s wife gave birth to a daughter. They named her Rajul. As she turned 3, Rajul started recalling her past life. She said that her name was Geeta and that she was from Junagarh district. Rajul’s grandfather investigated the claims and found that a resident of Junagarh – Gokuldas Thakkar, in 1959, had lost his daughter when she was only two and a half years old. Rajul’s grandfather then took her to Junagarh to meet the Thakkar family. There, Rajul identified her previous birth’s family members, including the temple where her mother used to worship. Blessed in a sense, isn’t it?
  6. L.Mishra of Chatrapur district, Madhya Pradesh had a daughter named Swarnlata. Right from early childhood, Swarnlata used to say that she was from Katni and that she had two sons. At her insistence, when her family took her to Katni, she identified her two sons and also various places of Katni. Investigations revealed that 18 years back, a woman named Bidiyadevi had died from heart attack. Swanlata also revealed the changes that were made to the house after Bindiyadevi’s death. This really is something to ponder about, right?

With more such proofs like the above reaching the shore of reality, science certainly is trapped in a web of logics, which solely deals with proofs and reasons. Having so many mysteries to deal with, past-life recollection or re-birth adds another hurdle which science could never interpret with reasons. Whatever it may be, you can always push your thinking to that X level while reading these real-life amazing stories.