Mahabharata is the greatest event which holds deep roots in Hindu Mythology. There are a lot of questions which are being raised by persons who have studied it in depth. People have raised issues, which are directly related to the existence of this great event. However, on this subject, people are divided into two groups. Group one consists of the people who completely believe that Mahabharata is our “Itihas” and have existed thousands of years ago. The other group of people neither believes in the event nor it declares completely that it is just a story. This is the group of researchers and scientists who are still studying it. Gathering information related to this event can help us to know more about this legendary event. Here are some facts from which we can draw useful knowledge about this great event.

  • The originality in the tale of Mahabharata looks real:                                           In the description of the original text of Mahabharata, there is a mention of a lot of kingdoms and kings, their wives, sons in great details. Everything is so precisely written in the text that very few have questioned the originality and description of this epic. There is a mention of how the kingdom was, and everything is crisply and accurately mentioned, leaving nothing unspecified. This looks very original because if we analyse today, there is no epic or novel written to such a great depth. If we consider that the intelligence bar of the humans is now at the peak, then how it is possible for someone thousands of years ago to write such a novel or an epic which is broad in all aspects.
  • Successful Archaeological surveys and the name ‘Bharat’: Following coincidences can never be something that happened by chance!                                                        
  • The most important breakthrough was made when the legendary city of Dwarka was discovered, sunk in the Gulf of Cambay. As per the Hindu Mythology, it is the home to Lord Krishna.
  • Apart from the city of Dwarka, there were other sites found which had a mention in the great epic.
  • The place where the war took place is known as the Kurukshetra. Archaeological surveys have found a lot of iron arrows and other iron products, which are dated back to 2,800 B.C. This is the same time period when Mahabharata actually took place.
  • The Name Bharat is the name of the kind, who united small cities and created a large country known as Bharat. This name is still used to represent the country.
  • Location of all the cities in the Map of Mahabharata matches with the present-day map of India: If we try to ignore all other facts, then how is this possible that the cities shown on the map of Mahabharata are exactly at the same place as in the map of today’s India. If we reject everything, then how is it possible that the places today and before 3000 BC are named the same. It simply means that there is certainly some originality in the text of Mahabharata.                                                                          

Although, there are numerous cases from which we can obtain knowledge and utilise it to prove the existence of Mahabharata, still many people around the globe have already concluded that it was just a myth and nothing more than a story. It might be possible that they really do not want to dig any further. Let’s just put everything aside and combine all the evidence and then make a conclusion whether this greatest of battle was a mere story or our own past!