Mahabharata, the classic epic of India is known for its comprehensiveness and versatility. It is said that whatever exists in the world is there in Mahabharata and whatever you do not find in Mahabharata doesn’t exist in the world. Here are 10 lessons Mahabharata life lessons you can learn.

  1. Perform your duties in life religiously without expecting anything in return:

It is the most important learning by Mahabharata. Lord Krishna says that performing duties is the most important “dharma”. However, it is important that one shouldn’t expect anything in return. Perform your actions without worrying or desiring the fruits.

  1. Half knowledge is dangerous:

Abhimanyu broke into the enemies chakravyuh with the knowledge he received when in his mothers womb. However he could not receive the knowledge to break out of it that eventually led to him being killed in the hands of the enemies. Always be armed with full knowledge in life so you face every adversity head on and come out unscathed.If you know how to start a fire but don’t know how to douse it then you are in for some serious trouble.

  1. Think before you speak

Yes, one must think twice before speaking. It is said that the battle of Mahabharata won’t have happened if Draupadi thought twice before uttering bitter words. Her harsh words hurt Duryodhana so deeply that he couldn’t forget and forgive the same.

  1. Pair righteousness with foresight, else you will suffer

Being righteous is great, but always keep the long-term interests in mind.  Develop a balanced thinking process which doesn’t get influenced by the short-term approach. Even great souls like Yudhishthira suffered due to it.

  1. Support the ‘right thing’ at the right time

The mass destruction could have been avoided if Dhritarashtra and Bheeshma objected the incorrect deeds of Duryodhana. Yes, you must support the right things at the right time even if it is against your personal interests.

  1. Do not leave those who helped you when they are in trouble

The life of Karna teaches us that one should not leave your well-wishers when they need you even if you are not in accordance with their actions. However, you must give a word of advice to them. A friend in need is a friend in deed.

  1. Do not get blindfolded by “Moha”

Mahabharata teaches us that “Moha” makes us irrational and blind. We lose the ability to distinguish between the right and the wrong. Dhritrashtra was a noble and wise king, but he didn’t think anything beyond the interests of his son. The rest of the history is known.

  1. Bad company will ruin your life

In spite of being a great king, Duryodhana felt comfortable in the company of people like Shakuni who destroyed everything that Kauravas owned. Had he not been under the influence of Shakuni, the war would not have happened.

  1. Keep your word

Like Karna, we should not deviate from our words but must always keep your word. He assured Kunti that her five sons would stay alive after the war. He knew that it wouldn’t be possible for him to survive after giving his ‘kavacha’ and ‘kundala’, he gives the same just because he promised to give the same.

  1. Always have a Strategy and a plan

Krishna was the backbone of the Grand Epic Mahabharata and a friend of the Pandavas. He was the chief strategist of the Pandavas and designed some of the best strategies that eventually led to the defeat of the Kauravas. Similarly in life, always have a strategy, a plan A and a Plan B to counter all adversities that get thrown at you.