When we speak of life, there are people who’ll describe it as a fulfilling every desire they have in their hearts. Most will say it is to accomplish their dreams, do what they love, and live a happy life. Some of them might have different answers and others will try to mold the question by saying everyone has a purpose for the existence. Nearly 99 percent of the people will fail to answer the question “Who am I and what is the Purpose of my Existence?”. They may answer that it is God who created them and they’ll end up in heaven or the hell after their life is over, but no one can answer why are they here?

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  • What is that you seek?

The most important investment that one can make in their life is investing in themselves. If you are looking at things with some short term goals, then you will never know where you are heading. There must always be a motive to do things. So before starting a job, the most important question to ask yourself is “how is the thing you are about to do going to help you in any way?” Sometimes, it may sound a little bit selfish, but if you want to know who you are and what really makes you, then you should put aside all your feelings and do what you rightly seek.

  • How society and People mold you?

Most of the people in this world are “fake”. What we mean by this is that we are not what our soul teaches us to be. We are so twisted and molded by society’s fear, expectations, rules, and thoughts that we have lost the true idea of ourselves, and our reason for existence. We are so much entangled into the web created by each other that when a child is born in our families, they are given a name which the family chooses, a language which their community chooses, and the set of rules which the society follows. The child, who was meant to be free, is now entangled in the same web and as they start to grow. It will now become very difficult for them to cut the ropes and set themselves free to determine who they are and what is the purpose of their existence. This is irony, isn’t it?

  • Thoughts of Buddha

Gautam Buddha once said that if you truly want to find out the purpose of your life and know who you are and why you are here, then you should eliminate all your desires. When you have eliminated everything that may pull you back, then you’ll find eternal peace. It is only with this eternal peace can you meditate and ask yourself about your existence and of who you really are. Easier said than done, right?

One cannot get the fruits until one has climbed up the tree of knowledge which means you have to walk the full path to realise the truth yourself. There may be easy roads, but that may happen only when you have that rich grace of God which again may be possible when you have proved yourself so deserving. We are definitely not unlocking the secrets here!

If you think dancing is your dream and you pursue it madly, then meditate in dancing. Dance as if there is nobody wo can stop you while you do so. If you play Tennis, then play as if there is nobody, no force on this planet present which can stop you doing so; just meditate in playing tennis.

Meditation is the answer to all questions. It can only be done when you have found peace. Peace can only be achieved when you have eliminated all your desires. Desires can only be eliminated only when surroundings and changes in your environment no longer affect you. It is only then that you’ll know the answer to the question “ Who am I and What is my existence?”

We have given a subtle hint, but again there is a right time and state for effective meditation!