The life of Prophet Mohammad is an encouragement and it is in itself a great epic. It is said that Mohammad wrote the QURAN upon revelations made to him by Angel Gabriele. Quran has a lot to offer to mankind.

Here are the Life Lessons One should Follow:

  1. Quran asks human to respect every other being and do not make any discrimination on the basis of their race, religion, birth, sex and status.
  2. It asks the mankind to always stay honest and to speak the truth. Quran says that men should stay away from deceit and treachery.
  3. It is written in Quran that one should never be like dumb driven cattle. To ask and inquire, to search and to be informed and to be aware is a right of all men and women. Do not be blind in trusting anything and everything that is told to you.
  4. Quran teaches that one should never speak wrong for another person. Even if the person does evil, you do not have to discuss what all he did. Leave on to the almighty all that goes on.
  5. Quran warns, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!”, hence it forbids you to speak upon anything upon which you do not have complete information.
  6. One should never be proud and arrogant. Modesty carries you a long way and people shall always remember and appreciate your presence.
  7. The Ramadan fasting mentioned in the holy Quran, teaches all the value of sharing and helps to develop self control. People during the period of fasting, refrain from all bad habits. People are prohibited to lie, smoke, and have alcohol or anything that are not considered pious.
  8. Every man is prone to make mistakes, but to accept the mistake as soon as you realise will save you from harsh consequences. This is as written in the holy book.
  9. One should always speak in a tone and language that is appreciated by all. One should never hurt another.
  10. Time and its importance should be known to all. A person should set a routine for everything and manage his life accordingly.

Quran is a book that can teach you a million lessons. Examples and stories in it shall make you hold all of them strong and like something which you can never forget. Often people misinterpret the language of the book and deviate from the righteous path shown Prophet Mohammad and the Angel through the holy Quran.

Each and every sentence of the book is meant to be read in a way that brings one closer to humanity peace and harmony and of course closer to the divine and the one supreme  power. Nothing mentioned in the Quran is directed towards violence.

Brotherhood and respect to all, and to stand against injustice and against those things which are vain and a disadvantage to the human society. Going through the book one might realize that it is useful for not just a certain section of the society but the entire human race.