The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word genius is that it refers to someone who is intellectually gifted and has an IQ score of more than 130. But no, a genius individual is a lot more than just intellectually gifted.

A genius is a person who is a unique combination of high mental ability and high moral virtues. They work diligently towards attaining their goals, are attentive, curious, and hard-working. And therefore, anyone with an above average intelligence can work towards becoming a genius in life.

Here are 5 secrets which you can employ in your daily life in order to become a genius yourself.

  1. Train your memory– Human memory works in three stages such as:
  • Encoding:Receiving and processing incoming information
  • Storage: Storing of information for future use
  • Retrieval: Use of this previously stored information

The trick here is to train your short-term memory in order to encode more data than usual and also increase its duration (the capacity of short-term memory is 7 things +/- 2 and its duration is less than 30 seconds). You can easily do this by rehearsing the incoming information or chunking it into small groups. This will eventually help in better retrieval of information even after a long time.

  1. Open yourself to new ideas-You should be open to new ideas and be willing to adapt. People who restrict themselves and their ideas to only what they are already aware of often find it difficult to achieve greater success in life.

The key here is to not only be open to new ideas but also be adaptable in different situations, exhibiting strong willingness to learn. You should be curious and look forward to gathering as much information as possible and from all sources.

  1. Motivation-In the path of success, there will be times where you will face failures and find it difficult to get through a particular situation. The key here is to keep yourself motivated and hungry to achieve your goal. The day you lose trust in your ability is the day your personal growth (towards becoming a genius) will become stagnant.
  2. Playing video games and working out-Though this one might come as a surprise, playing video games and working out makes our brain agiler, attentive and we learn to quickly decipher ways of coming out of tricky situations. It also increases our concentration span.

So, go out there, play your favorite games, and spend some time in working out. As they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

  1. Meditate or Relax-It is very important that both our mind and body reach the stage of complete relaxation in order to rejuvenate and prepare them for the next task. And meditation relaxes not only our mind but also our body.

Thus, we can say that the biggest secret is hard work and diligence which not only the key to success but it can also lift us up from the category of average to becoming a genius. It is more like to follow a disciplined approach and soon you see it grows within you to mold your life the way you desire.

All the best Genius!