Here are top Man problems almost every guy goes through at some stage of their life:

Erectile Dysfunction, the most occurring problem in men

If we think about the most common Man problems almost every guy goes through, then ED is at the top. The ability to maintain erection during a sexual act or a significant drop in the sexual desire is called Erectile Dysfunction.

Statistics says that every man faces the problem after the age of 40. Sometimes, the problem may just be short term may get cured of its own. However, when it becomes an ongoing issue, it is a matter of concern.

ED not only reduces the thrill and excitement of the private life, but it hampers the self-esteem and self-confidence of a person. It causes trouble in the marital relationship as well. On the first signs of ED you must immediately consult a specialist who may prescribe medicines and advice a lifestyle change too.

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Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness also  ranks top on the ‘Man problems almost every guy goes through’ list. Statistics reveals that more than 70 percent of middle-aged men are suffering from it. The intensity and severity of the problem vary, though.

The culprit behind baldness is a loss of male hormones responsible for hair growth. The production of hormones drops after a certain age. As a result, the growth and density of hair get hampered. Every time you lose a hair, it gets replaced by a weaker and thinner hair.

Slowly, there is significant drop in the number of hair. We call it male pattern baldness. Though not much of a medical issue, Male Baldness is a frustrating of the Man problems almost every guy goes through

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Testicular Cancer

Well, it is not as prevalent as male pattern baldness, but alarmingly a significant population of men suffer from it. Doctors say that one should be watchful for lump, swelling, and pain in the testicles. If there is an enlargement in the testicles with an aching sensation, then it is a matter of concern.

Doctors say that the symptoms are not always lead to the problem, but there is no harm in consulting the specialist. Instead of delaying the diagnosis, one should rule out the possibility.

If there is a family history of testicular cancer, or there is any personal history of cancer; then one should be cautious about it.

Low Testosterone level

Testosterone is the primary hormone that influences the masculine traits. It doesn’t affect the sex drive only, but also responsible for the muscle buildup and bone strength. With the aging process, the flow of testosterone drops and hampers the libido and sex drive. It also causes Erectile Dysfunction. Due to weak and few erections, there is a drop in the sex activity.

There are different factors responsible for it. Aging is one cause that we discussed earlier. Sometimes, diseases like Diabetes, obesity, infections also cause it. Some drugs drop the production of testosterone temporarily or permanently. Doctors can diagnose it by checking the blood sample.

Visual refractive error

Well, we all need glasses after the age of 40. Very few fortunate people don’t need it up to the age of 0. However, they are also required to visit the eye specialist for correcting Visual Refractive Error. Doctors check the eyesight and prescribe the lens with appropriate power.

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Remember, always make time for your yearly health checkup and keep your self fit. Exercise regularly, eat healthy & drink moderately.