Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and many other parts of India are showing several cases of teens committing suicide because a game which is known as “The Blue Whale” dared them to do it. The Blue Whale is not a game after what is has done to teens, it is more appropriate to say that it is a death trap that brainwashes them and in the end makes them kill themselves. Till now this game is blamed to be the reason for 130 teens who committed suicide all over the world. Yes, not just in Indian but in other countries too. This game becomes the reason of many innocent lives and even young ones are also getting captivate towards this game.

It is said that this “brainwashing game” can get in touch with young teens (Even Your Kid) through various social media networks through some specific hashtags and associated groups. Before one starts playing this game, one has to sign up to this game and then get assigned an administrator who will guide them through the game and give them tasks everyday.

To prove the completion of their daily challenge they have to send a photo while performing that specific challenge to prove it. In the beginning, challenges are normal and not hard enough but that surely make them addictive as days go by.
The last challenge of this game is to commit suicide by either jumping off a building, bridge, in front of a train, etc. which is basically a challenge to kill themselves. The individuals who try to back out off the game are threatened with deadly consequences including the death of their dear ones as game admins have all the players details.
Recently, a boy who studies in class 9th at an international school in Mumbai was spotted by a next-door-neighbour walking on their building terrace wall while taking a selfie. The boy jumped off the terrace and committed suicide the very next moment. The police believe that the boy was playing the Blue Whale Challenge and had completed his 50th task.

If you know anyone who is playing this game and although you have been sworn to secrecy by that person, it is your moral responsibility to inform either your parents, teacher or the police so that they can take immediate action and save a previous innocent life. Keep your eyes & ears open sand stay away from such dangerous games.