No matter at what age you are…first dates can be nerve wrecking. If you know her from before then that’s a good 10 point bonus but if you haven’t and probably meeting her for the first time or second even then be prepared to be scrutinised on the first date itself.

Not trying to scare you but based on the age group , what a girl looks for in a guy may differ. You can be a total hottie in your teens but in your late 20’s or 30’s – you can be tagged as a potential cheater (to make you feel better- a playboy) or even worse, a narcissist.

Read on to see, what a girl sees in you on your first date.


Between 18 – 21

Ahh…young love. Looks, looks and all about looks and how cool you are.

On your first date, be careful coz this is what she will check out – How good you look in what you have worn, where you have taken her or planned (speaks about your interest level in her) She will note your hairstyle, your phone, your car/bike, your walk, your talk and so on….

In short, at this stage in life all that matters is presentation. In fact, it’s a good prelude to preparing yourself for future interviews, err… we mean dates.


Between 21- 25

This is the testing phase. You are not as immature as before nor are you as mature as you will be a few years from now.

So observable list goes as follows:

How smart you look & sound (so that college swagger & college lingo may just put her off), She will be keen to know your knowledge beyond the MTV & VH1’s and more career & mature conversations. She will notice your confidence level and your table manners & etiquette. You just need to show her that she is with someone worthy. This stage is all about finding Mr. Perfect.


Between 26 – 31

This is the disillusionment stage or the failed fairy tale phase. She is no longer looking for the Mills & Boons hero (though the romantic in her will never cease to exist). Her belief in a soul mate has probably waned by now and she will have many filters set to weed out the unwanted and get the perfect match.

She will notice the attitude you exhibit, the level of confidence with which you present yourself. She will check if you are knowledgeable and if you are financially stable and not emotionally dependent on anyone. She will notice your nature and whether you are a rude & obnoxious person and if you are then be ready to get dumped immediately, during the date even. She wants the marriage material and not some playboy looking for a fling. Oh well, she may want a fling as well but only till she comes across the right marriageable type. So how you present yourself can make the difference between the next date & the last date.


Between 32 – 40

She knows who she is. She knows what she likes. She is super comfortable with herself and is looking for someone just like that.

So confidence or lack of it is what she notices. She is also worldly & experienced enough to see through any pretence. How you talk about your family and how many friends you have also can give away a lot of info about you. She probably has even made up her mind about you the moment you walked through that door. You have pretty slim chances here as she holds all the cards and you are well, the joker.

So guys, in short, look smart, talk smart & don’t be a pretentious prick! Have a great date.