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Stress can arrive unannounced, from anywhere. It could be the co-worker, sitting next to us with the annoying habit of playing loud music, banging the keyboard or chewing gum like a cow munching on grass! Or someone could gossip behind our back or worse still, that ‘one friend in office’ could spill the beans with the office grapevine.

Whether we work in a multi-national company, set up our own business or partner someone, stress at work is preordained.

While many aspects of the workplace are within our control, there are plenty of instances where we feel utterly helpless, and the only thing in our hands is our own reaction.

Conversely, we cannot insulate ourselves against stress completely; what we can do is build a routine to de-stress at work.

There is no single relaxation technique for all. The right one is which resonates with each of us and complements our individual style. Here are a few relaxation techniques that hardly takes 10 minutes to do, but which can have a lasting effect on our productivity:

1.Meditate: It’s simple! Sit in a comfortable pose at the workstation or in the canteen or in the lawn outside. Close your eyes and focus on your breath – the inhaling and the exhaling. If thoughts come, acknowledge them, but go back to following the breath. You will feel a lot more relaxed after a mere 10 minutes.

2.Go for a lunchtime walk: Only 1 out of every 5 workers take the hour-long lunch break. Going for a walk is the easiest way to beat stress with a change of scene. If you are too busy, then opt for a few 5-minute walking breaks spread through the day.

3.Maintain a Journal: Instead of confiding in back-stabbing colleagues, it’s always better to write a journal to release pent-up emotions. It’s a proven fact that penning down our thoughts is a sure-fire way to release stress.

4.Stretch: Stretching at the desk may inspire a few chuckles, but then, in the long run, you will definitely be doing a world of good to your health.

5.Get a green plant: Studies have proved that having green plants in our workplace makes us calmer and more optimistic. The primary health benefit comes from their natural gift to clean the air while they respire.

6.Become organised: A cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind. Set aside an hour every week to clean out the mess. This doesn’t mean that we clean only our surroundings; cleaning up the computer files can also have a positive effect on our stress levels.


When there is discomfort in the body like a throbbing headache, a stiff neck or a lower back pain, concentrating on the task at hand becomes hard. (God help us if it’s a meeting with the boss).

On the other hand, when the body is free from pain, the mind is clear. As a result, our thinking remains clear too. Practiced regularly, these simple and quick relaxation techniques go a long way to sustain a pain-free, working day and eventually bring a high productivity. So, what’s your part of call?