You are in midst of a meeting and trying to put forward your opinion, however, everyone in the room seems uninterested. Nobody wants to hear your point of view.  Does the situation sound familiar? If yes, then there is a need to introspect and assess your image in the organization. It indicates that you need to earn a lot of respect at the workplace by making a serious attempt for damage control.

As the old saying goes, “Respect cannot be demanded, it has to be earned” you must strive hard to regain the position immediately. What is the right approach? Here are some tips:


1. Knowledge is always respected:

It doesn’t matter whether you are a senior manager or a supervisor. If you know your job well, then people respect you. Hence, try to get a firm grip on everything you do. There should be nothing unknown in your domain.  Remember, organizations respect expertise. Pick an area of your work profile and excel. Be a subject matter expert by learning a new thing daily. When you are the authority of your domain, nothing can stop you from becoming highly respectful.

2. Right attitude is always right:

Remember, your attitude reflects your personality. When you show empathy towards others and help them overcome their problems, people respect you. The degree to which you are respected by others is directly proportional to the degree to which you help others. However, there is a word of caution. The attitude of helping others shouldn’t become a hindrance towards fulfilling your job responsibilities.

3. Carve your image carefully:

Look at your image minutely, external as well as behavioral. Hence, work on the external appearance first. You should look presentable and crisp in order to earn respect from others. If your appearance is shabby, then people automatically assume that your whole personality is shabby.

4. Always respect confidentiality:

When you leak confidential things, people lose confidence in you. It is the first step to losing respect in the organization. Irrespective of your position in the hierarchy, hold the organizational or personal confidentiality at the very highest. Practicing discretion is an important way of earning respect at the workplace.

5. Don’t try to be someone else, reflect your true personality:

Remember, everybody has a sixth sense that gives an indication when there is something fishy. If you pretend to be someone different from the real personality, others lose faith in you. It is the first stage of losing respect at the workplace. Hence, be yourself in the best way you can. Respect follows automatically.

6. Give respect to others:

You must respect others if you want the same back.  Accept others as they are and tweak yourself to accommodate their positive and negative aspects. Every individual is different and so are their natures.  Your behavior reflects back on you.


7. Do not Gossip:

Gossiping or taking part in gossips leads to loss of respect be fellow colleagues and seniors alike. Every organization has their share of bad eggs and being seen as a gossiper will affect your career and only diminish whatever respect people have for you. Stay away from gossips and just concentrate on your work. Bitching about people or the company is frowned upon by the organization.


These tips don’t change the situation overnight. You need to be patient and hopeful for a positive change. Don’t lose confidence and try consistently. The change will surely happen provided you believe in it!