Phobia of commitment is a ‘typical’ male fad for today’s guys. To explain in a better picture, remember the characters portrayed by Saif Ali Khan as solo leads in movies such as Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste, Love AajKal, & Cocktail? All of these characters were commitment-phobic characters. So do you have any such trait?

Let’s find out if you are a one-woman man (like Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met) or commitment phobic (Saif Ali Khan of above-mentioned movies):


1.The thought of marriage scares you

It would be a real chutzpah to think that guys enter into a romantic relationship for tying the knot. If you think you’re born to enjoy life and not to get bogged down with the burden of marriage, you then are the one. So do you get fine lines on your forehead when your girl asks, “Baby, when are we going to get married?” Do you get fussed up with the relationship when it goes into the marriage zone. You have entered a relationship for feel-good, and if it’s now leading to marriage then you just freak out. If you counter-question that marriage-question of your girlfriend with, “Baby, No marriage now. Let us give ourself more time”, then you are obviously commitment phobic.


2.You do not take things seriously

According to the girl’s logic, if a guy doesn’t remember the day of their first date, he is not serious for relationship. Well, things are not judged by remembering dates and events for sure. But apart from this, if you neglect things like her birthday, or the meeting date with her parents, or something that’s special to her, alarm bells are ringing. If that’s the case, you do not take things seriously & probably you are afraid of getting in the marriage zone.


3.It’s just infatuation, not true love

If you feel that you are not sure of the future of this relationship then that should ring the alarm bell too, It wont be long before you realise that this relationship too will not last. Even if miniscule doubts plague your mind about your relationship, it translates that you’re not truly in love with the person.


4.Relationship is not your top priority

If you are in the relationship just for the sake of having it, there’s no life or soul in your relationship. No girl wants to be an escort or just be ‘friends with benefits.’ Your priorities are always different and that is what takes you away from your relationship. For example, if you prefer watching sports rather than spending quality time with her, your priorities are somewhere else.


5.Just in for the physical relationship

If you are just in the relationship for sex, you are without any doubt commitment phobic & you know it too. Such relationships never work where lust prevails over love.


6.Fear of losing your freedom & control over life

Every guy feels as if he owns the world. He dictates his terms to life & love, living on the edge. He doesn’t like interference of anykind that blocks his path of personal freedom. Remember Ranbir’s character from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, he couldn’t afford a commitment to Naina (Deepika’s character) as he had his dreams more important than relationship. Also, he feared for the loss of freedom once he gets committed.