Gone are the days when only men were suspected to cheat on their partners. In this age of women empowerment, probably they have inherited the legacy of cheating as well. But cheating cannot be justified anyway. Without discriminating gender, cheating is a wrong thing ethically and morally.

If you are a Guy and suspect your girl of cheating on you, check out for these 5 signs to confirm your doubts.

Hides her texts &  conversations from you

If she is cheating on you, she will not want you to listen to her phone calls nor will she leave her phone around lest you stumble upon any of her secret messages. If she runs out of the room every time she gets a phone call, this should be a very strong sign that she doesn’t want you to listen to her conversation. She’ll only do that when she’s cheating on you.

Often lies to you even when caught red-handed

Lie is the biggest indicator that she is hiding something from you. What’s there to hide in a relationship? Even when you catch her red handed, she will try to cook up stories to veil it. Relationships are based on mutual trust and understanding.

If she lies to you, it denotes that the trust in your relationship is lost. There is a possibility that she has taken the other way. Whenever she lies to you about where she was, it’s sure shot that she doesn’t want you to know her location. This increases her chances of cheating on your back.

Fights with you for trivial reasons

While arguments and fights are common in every relationship, if she finds silly reasons to pick up a fight with you, there’s foul play. If you notice that she always fights with you for particularly no fault of yours it is certainly a sign. She’ll pick up quarrels only when she has some other support system ahead of you. Therefore, if your quality time is dotted with fights and arguments, there’s something to worry.

Stops having Sex with you and tries to avoid you

When she has someone more special to her than you, she will ignore your feelings and try her best to avoid being intimate with you. She gives nickel-and-dime reasons every time to avoid the dinner date, or refuses to have sex with you ever, or not replying to your dozens of missed calls. These are some factors that indicate she does not care for your needs anymore, as she may have someone else on her mind.

Her behavior has changed quite a bit

When you try to get intimate with her, she’s not the same like before. She often rejects your ideas of romance and prioritizes futile things over you. She has massive mood swings and her behavior towards you is also drastically changed.

She often neglects you and makes you feel alone even when she’s around you. When you forcefully try to talk, her dialogue boasts an indifferent pitch. These behavioral changes occur only when she is riding on two boats at the same time.

These however are just indications of things that are not right. But if you feel that you are being cheated on then you better be sure you do have some concrete proof before you rock your boat. It might just be a case of her secretly planning a surprise party for you and you misunderstanding her actions and accusing her of cheating.