The most complex structures developed by God is undoubtedly – the woman. You cannot figure out what’s in going in her heart or mind. Being a man, you need to catch few signs that she throws at you to intend that she’s really interested in you. Although women across the world are same, when it comes to Indian girls, they take the complexities to another level.

So let’s try to find out some of her normal signs that reveals, “Hey boy, I’m falling for you!”

1.      Exhibits eagerness to chat with you:
Indian women are self-obsessed and they don’t give a damn even if you send a thousand WhatsApp pings. They don’t mind giving a royal ignore even if it means hurting somebody’s feelings. They believe “ignoring” is their birthright. Moreover, guys are always active conversationalists in social media chats. They will ping a thousand messages to girls. The girl simply replies: “Ok.” If the girl’s not interested in you, even if you ask thousand questions to the girl and she doesn’t want to reply, she will probably not.

But if the scenario is reversed, a girl texting a guy more than he does. When the girls always chats with extreme interest and likes all your display pictures. This is the biggest sign that the sparks have been ignited inside her.

2.     Always trying to strike a conversation with you:
It is okay if she says “Good Morning” or “Have a good day” but if she greets you time and again just to speak to you, it’s pretty evident she is yearning to strike a conversation with you. She always asks your opinions about what you feel about particular issue.

If she’s really interested in you, she’ll put her priorities to know more about you. You can figure it out when she asks personal questions like “Do you have a girlfriend?” or “What qualities you wish to have in your dream girl?” If she ends up on these statements, she’s probably trying to know your preferences to check out if she fits your criterion.

3.     Compliments you and stands by you:
If a girl is attracted towards you, she’ll often compliment you in a composed manner that “you look dashing in white T-shirts” or “you have a killing smile” and such feel-good statements. If she has something for you in there, she’ll always try to be in your good books. For example, when you’re involved in an argument with a group, she’ll always stand by your side. She’ll always prefer you to sit next to you, hang out with you, and do things that depicts connection.

4.     Always tries to do things that impresses you:
For example, if you say that red is your favorite color, she is often seen in red. Or if you love a particular food, she always prefers that wherever applicable. You have to figure out the small things that she’s doing probably something to impress you.

5.     Gets jealous if you flirt or talk to other girls:
Now this is very strong point to test if she’s really fascinated with you or not. If any of the above points have occurred with you, try to flirt with some girls in front of her. Notice her reaction while you’re doing dallying with other girls. If she’s jealous, it will show up on her face.

And if she’s jealous, that’s the testimony that you have been running all her mind. If you want to go further, you can take her jealousy forward by mentioning other girls in front of her. If she is infuriated with ‘other girl’ talks, she’ll suddenly change the topic or just get away.If the above points are applicable to you, the girl has really fallen for you. But you know Indian girls, you can’t never understand these complex creatures.

Do keep in mind that these are only general indicators so we suggest you dont jump up and down with joy unless you have found out for a fact that she indeed likes you.