Gone are those days when grooming for men was limited to shaving, a smart haircut and a splash of masculine after-shave (or body sprays). Today, men are conscious, careful, and concerned about their appearance and grooming. Smartness of a man is reflected from his personality and dressing sense, but grooming is equally critical for the overall appearance. Here are a few practical and simple tips for to make you a stylish and strikingly smart man.

1.      Men with sticky hair think that rigorously and repeatedly washing solve the problem, but they are completely mistaken. The more you wash off oil; your scalp tends to produce it more.  Use a specialized shampoo for greasy hair instead. It washes away the grease, but not the essential oils. Dry hair needs conditioner as well, but in small quantity.  Don’t use hot dryers and avoid fiddling with hair. You may like it. But your hairs don’t!

2.     Don’t dehydrate your oily skin. Confused about it? An oily skin produces excess oil, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a moisturizer. A lightweight and oil-free moisturizer offers necessary hydration to it. Believe it or not, but it reduces blocked pores or spots considerably.

3.     A mannish deodorant for the armpits is essential, but do not forget to trim (or remove) hair.  Excessive sweat production causes the rise of bacteria that causes the foul smell. Specially formulated deodorants block sweat glands and reduce the odor significantly.

4.     Pat the face gently instead of scrubbing it hard after you take a shower. When you rub it harshly, natural oil produced by tiny glands under the skin disappears. The situation becomes worst during the winter season. Tap the skin gently after the wash and apply a soothing moisturizer to replenish the loss of oil.

5.     Choose a haircut that suits your appearance and personality. People with an oval face can go for any haircut, it suits their personality.  People with square or triangular face should be quite skeptic about it. Don’t go for a style blindly. Discuss with the specialist first.

6.     A good hair gel brings an incredible shine that stands you out distinctly among the crowd. Put a small quantity on the wet hair and see the difference it makes. Those who use hair gel for styling should use adequate quantity on the wet hair.

7.      When gray hairs crop up, most men do the common mistake. They color it at home and spoil the show.  Meet a professional instead to have a more natural look. Pick up a shade that isn’t too dark for you. A natural shade brings incredible effect, and you look handsome and charming like the good old days.

8.     Don’t forget about an essential element, the nails. Cut them properly and use a foil to make the edges smooth. Remember, there is no harm in going to a specialist for a manicure.  There, the expert looks at the characteristics of your nails and choose the right treatment. Nicely cut and polished nails enhance the charm of a well-groomed man.

These quick and crisp tips add a new glare to the personality.