Why do experts consider morning the right time for a workout? There is a reason behind it. When you exercise in the morning hours, it gives your metabolism a jumpstart and sets the tone for your entire day. With an enhanced metabolism, you burn more calories and accumulate less in the form of body fat.

Morning exercise increases the flow of endorphin, a chemical responsible for good mood and positivity. As a result, you feel healthy, happy and cheerful. It reduces stress and negativity. Plan the routine meticulously and follow the same religiously. Assess your priorities before jumping to exercise.

1. Start with a warm-up:  Warm-up is essential before doing heavy exercises. Since the body is in rest mode after waking up, it needs to be charged. However, it is a general tendency to skip it. Jumping jacks, high knees or side-to-side hops are a few examples of warm-up. Dynamic stretching is the best way of warming up the whole body. It increases flexibility and offers a full-body warm-up.

2. It’s time for weight training:  Metabolically active muscles burn more calories. Hence, it is important to keep them charged by simple strength training exercises. Get a pair of dumbbells and a resistance band. Lift the dumbbells in a variety of ways and achieve upper body fitness. Resistance band is useful for stretching the lower body.

3. Let the heart pump more blood: Now it is the turn of cardio exercises. Doing 10 minutes of running or skipping increases blood flow and burns calories. If you do a cardio routing after weight-training, it gives a tremendous benefit to the body. You build stamina and increase muscle power. Swimming is another effective exercise, but it is not possible always. However, you can include it in the morning exercise plan if you have the infrastructure available.

4. Aerobics, the interesting workout method: You can do simple aerobics after a heavy cardio routine.  Since it is done on the beats of music, aerobics add a great fun to the morning workout. Many people do cardio and aerobics on every alternate day. It is also a good practice to burn fat and gain muscles.

5. Meditation and breathing exercises: It should be the last item always. Now it is the time to relax the mind and body by meditation and breathing exercises.  Meditation cools down the body and reduces blood pressure.  You feel relaxed and recharged. Deep and slow breathing bring a cleansing effect by removing toxic elements.

There is no formula for an instant success when you talk about total health and fitness. It can be achieved by dedication, regularity, and proper workout. Experts say that morning time is the best for workout because our body gets recharged after a full-night sleep. Though morning workout brings a wide range of benefits, one must keep in mind individual strength and sustainability.

A quick 30-minute workout can bring miraculous results if you plan it well and execute it well. Pick up the best five workouts and feel the difference. It is a path towards total fitness.