But how to Rewire your brain and supercharge yourself?

Did you know that Bill Gates reads at least 50 books in a single year? Reading books not only keeps your mind busy but also creates a vast knowledge bin which always comes in handy when required. Here are 8 ways to rewire your brain and supercharge yourself

1. Power naps to power you

You can take power naps for five or ten minutes. It always rejuvenates the mind and makes you feel powered up again. Go on, take that power nap and super charge yourself

2. Yoga to Supercharge yourself

Yoga is a great way of letting your body and soul sync with each other. It is not a great exercise but also makes your brain stronger by pumping more oxygen into your nerves. Stretch your way to rewire your brain and feel the power radiating from within.
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3. Healthy Snacking for a happy stomach

Snacks like scrambled eggs, protein shake, fruit palate, and nuts are always a great way to shake things off a bit and making your stomach happy. Little amount of food intake provides energy and brain works much faster after food intake.

4. Talking to people to relax yourself

Solitude can be the best thing in the world, but man is a social animal. You have to put an effort to converse with people. Lots of scientists have admitted that they have had scientific breakthroughs while conversing normally with other people. It also takes your mind off of things. This way you will be able to solve the problem even without thinking about it too much.

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5. Listen to music to stir your soul

Music is like food for the soul. Music can reconnect the dots in our brain and harmonise the soul. Instrumental music like that of violin and piano can heal your mind perfectly. This will make you understand the work better and look at it in a whole new perspective.

6. Dipping your feet in cold water

We have all done skinny dipping and doesn’t it make you feel alive? You can do the same by dipping your feet in iced water for a couple minutes. Not only will it refresh your mind but also take your brain to a whole new icy level.

7. Cooking a nutritious meal

Cooking can be like a therapy for many people. For people who love cooking, enjoy the carving up of the raw materials and design t into something so delicious and majestic. It is like a renaissance fair for the mind. You can do this every now and then and enjoy the love of your family for the delicious home cooked dinner.
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8. Composing a tune

While listening to music can heal minds, composing a tune can be a refreshing experience too. You can dust that old piano which belonged to your father and gently tap your fingers on the ivory. This is a great way to energize your mind by creating something new and fresh. You can even practice on the old tunes you new back in the days.

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The above mentioned methods are to be applied when you are stuck in a rut and cannot find a solution to the problem. These methods will definitely rewire your brain and help you acquire achievement the solution for your betterment. All you need to do is make your subconscious believe that you can do it. So why wait? Follow these 8 methods to rewire your brain and supercharge yourself.

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