Alcohol-based cooking is quite popular in various countries. According to expert chefs, alcohol doesn’t intoxicate the food as against local belief. When wine or beer is used in recipes, they add immense flavor to it. Since Alcohol molecules bond with water and fat molecules, it acts like aroma receptors. Just like salt, it enhances the quality of smell due to two aspects, chemical bonding and evaporation. Adding a tablespoon of Vodka or Rum enhances the flavors of marinades, cakes, and fried food stuff. It makes the upper surface moist. Renowned cooks and chefs of the world use Alcohol in a variety of delicacies to add glaze and a superb taste to the food stuff.

When a chef pours wine into a pan of steak, the proteins accumulated on the surface of the pan get dissolved into it and gives the typical aroma. Nonalcoholic beverages are also widely used for deglazing, but those who have tasted both types of the recipe can tell the distinguishable difference between the two.  Non-alcoholic beverages do not add that same intensity and punch to the flavor.

Lip smacking, mouth watering Beer soaked chicken

Roasted chicken is perhaps one of the most delicious varieties of food, but do you know it can be made further delightful using a can of beer? Yes, the luscious aroma of a smoked chicken gets retained throughout the cooking process by keeping it moist. Experts suggest a Komodo smoker for out-of-the-world results, but a normal gas grill can also create miracles with the golden beverage. If a stand or cradle is used to keep the bird a little bit away from the flame, then it gets cooked well without getting burnt.

How to make it?

Well, you have to be a little bit patient because the preparation takes hardly 10 minutes, but cooking time is more than an hour or so. Thus, you must have a moderate breakfast if you want to cook it for a Sunday Lunch. Don’t overeat otherwise you won’t enjoy the real taste and full punch of the dish.


· Thoroughly washed chicken

· Virgin olive oil ¼ cup

· Seasoning of choice 2 tablespoons full

· Lemon juice 2 tablespoons

· Garlic 3-4 pieces

· One can of beer

· String to tie

How to cook it?

You need a charcoal smoker or normal gas grill for the process. Preheat it up to 300 degrees. Apply virgin oil on the chicken, dip it in beer and then apply seasoning. Don’t forget to cover the cavities as well. Stuff it with garlic and lemon. You need to put the bird on the stand with legs tightly tied using a twine. Let it smoke and rotate occasionally.  Cover it well with foil and give a standing time of 20 minutes.

Though Alcohol is inflammable, it doesn’t burn the stuff as most of the people think.  The right proportion of alcohol and a perfect cooking and standing time add great value to the recipe.  Simmering in a wide pan for a long time makes it just perfect.



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