Delhi is not just the capital, but it is the heart of India. It is a cosmopolitan city where the traditions and customs still prevail. Here are some signature street food dishes that would make you crazy.

Chole Bhature and Chole Kulche

Well, you can’t imagine Delhi without Chole Bhature or Chole Kulche. They are not just stapled foods, but the first love of a true Delhiite. It is an ideal food in the winters because it is full of protein and carbohydrates. It gives immense energy to bear the chilling winters of the capital city. There are practically innumerable outlets in Delhi that serve this dish. You may have it any shop; the taste is always mind-boggling. A plate of chickpeas simmered in the golden brown spicy gravy and two king-size crispy bhaturas make your day. Food lovers claim that it is just impossible to stop after having one plate of it. You can’t resist the temptation of eating one more!

Chaat and Samosa

For Delhiites, chaat is a generic name. You have a long list of platters that are covered in the category. Golgappe, Dahi Bhalle, Papd Chaat, Al tikki and many more! Made from pure ghee, they have a special aroma and signature taste of Delhi. You may eat Chaat in almost every city in India, but Delhi is the superlative among all.

Samosa is not an ancient Indian recipe. It has come from the Middle East, and it is fundamentally a non-vegetarian food item. However, the vegetarian version of it is more popular in India than the original one. Delhi is the capital of Samosa. It is estimated that millions of Samosas are consumed by people daily. It is truly the king of street food. You have enormous varieties and flavors of Samosas. Eat it just like that or add toppings of green chutney and red chutney, have it with a scoop of sauce, or mix with simmering Chhole; Samosas are awesome in all avatars!

Bedmi poori

You call it Bedai Poori, Bedami Poori or Kachori Sabzi; it doesn’t make the difference. What is there in the name after all? It is one of the favorite street foods famous for its unique taste.  You find long queues in front of famous shops for a platter of superbly tasty Kachori SAbzi in the winters.  While the Kachori is crisp and moderately spicy, the Alu Sabzi replenishes the tang. It is said that one plate of it gives you a full stomach feeling till afternoon. Thus, it is the best breakfast for everyone.


Though non-vegetarian Kebabs are more famous, the vegetarian version is also not behind in terms of taste and aroma. There are plenty of outlets where hundreds of varieties are served with special editions of chutneys and sauces. Along with Kebabs, rolls are also equally popular among Delhiites.


After so many hot and spicy items, now it is the time to cool down with traditional Kulfi. Though Malai Kulfi (the basic version) still tops the list, you have practically hundreds of flavors and versions of it. Kulfi and Faluda are the signature items to satisfy your craving for sweet.