We all look up at our celebs for all kinds of inspiration be it fitness goals or fashion.
Bollywood as an industry is very conscious about staying fit and if someone does not adhere
to this principle he is considered an outcast. Instead of opting for crazy methods to reduce
weight most of the celebrities use fixed health routines which are not very difficult to emulate.
Here we bring you 10 simple habits that most celebrities use to stay fit.

1) Regular workouts- Hrithik Roshan is a complete workout fan and he has had his
share of regular weight issues. On such occasions, he makes sure not to miss out on
his daily cross fit and weight training program as that is necessary for him to keep his
weight in check.


2) Vegan Diet- While Go green is the mantra for a majority of celebrities actors like
Mallika Sehrawat have adopted the Vegan diet. She does not eat any dairy product
but only fruits, vegetables, and green juices.

3) Eat on time- Your body needs to eat the dinner on time so that it gets ample time to
digest it. Hence Akshay Kumar finishes the same by 06:30-07:00 pm and does not
starve himself to lose the kilos.

4) Drink juices- Tweeting frequently about her health tips Nargis Fakhri adopted a 6
day juice diet to lose nearly 6 kgs. If you cannot follow this strict regime make sure to
incorporate two glasses of juice at least per day.

5) Yoga- That Shilpa Shetty practices yoga regularly is something that we all know. 10
months after delivery she came back into normal shape by adopting yoga on a daily
basis. To keep her body calm Shilpa also adopts a 10 day meditation habit every

6) Swimming- Sonam Kapoor is a fashionista and has an hour glass figure to boast of.
She maintains it by adopting swimming, cardio and jogging as per her mood. Sonam
also makes sure to do Pilates at least three times a week.

7) Eat right- Alia Bhatt feels that there is no point in keeping yourself hungry and
reduce weight. Eating food normally and staying happy and positive is the key to
staying healthy and fit all the time.

8) Following multiple diets- Katrina Kaif has never gained weight in her career in the
film industry. Probably it is because she keeps following multiple diets basis the
target she wants to achieve. It is easy for her to keep her weight in check by doing

9) Be disciplined- Perseverance and Hard work are very important while following a
workout pattern feels Bipasha Basu. With a svelte figure, many people check
Bipasha’s videos to gain tips on how to reduce weight and the key is never to lose

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10) Follow any sport- If nothing of these habits work for you then you can adopt any
sports like Sonakshi Sinha. She plays tennis regularly and tops it up with swimming
For people wanting to stay fit, these healthy habits are sure to guide them in to be able to
keep the flab away. The celebrities have adopted them and moved from flab to fit and you
would also be able to achieve that.


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