It was in the early 90’s that the trend of Nale Ba witch started troubling the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The Nale Ba real story was that a witch would visit the male members of a household and call them in a voice similar to that of any of their female relatives. To avoid coming face to face with her the men starting mentioning Nale Ba on their doorsteps which in simple terms meant come tomorrow. In other words, they were asking the witch to go away that night and visit them again the next night. In that manner, most people said they were able to stop the witch from creating havoc in their lives. So when the trailer of Stree movie was released fans could not stop gushing about the concept of the film.

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While many people are hoping that the Stree movie witch nale ba in the film turns out to be scary enough and the movie becomes that successful horror comedy which they have been waiting for some fans have taken the theme a way too seriously. Twitter has been abuzz with this trend and you can see many fans giving their opinion on the same.  So people, do you know what has caught everyone’s fancy.

If you have had a look at the trailer of Stree carefully you would notice a common phrase going around. This phrase which was also introduced in the teaser of the film is related to Nale Ba real story and is “O Stree Kal Aana”. This, in other words, means that we are telling the Stree movie witch nale ba to come again tomorrow and not disturb us that night. When the phenomenon of Nale ba became prevalent many people thought it actually dissuaded the witch from visiting them.

Now the fans of Stree movie have started a small trend on Twitter where Shraddha Kapoor the lead actress of the film requested her fans to start tweeting with the tagline “O Stree Kal Aana”. Pretty soon Twitter was on fire as many people tagged the phrase and joined in the fervor just one month before the release of the movie.  So much so that this trend reached number 5 on the top trends of that day.

Stree is a movie starring Shraddha Kapoor and Raj Kumar Rao who are teaming up for the first time. The trailer of the film has generated curiosity as it is pretty evident that Shraddha’s character is mysterious and in some manners related to the legend of the Nale Ba Witch of the movie Stree.

It is the first time any lead actress of Shraddha’s caliber has taken the initiative of taking up a paranormal character. Viewers are obviously elated to watch a horror comedy film as Bollywood has until now churned out very few successful movies in this genre. The fans euphoria towards starting this trend is a clear indication of the enthusiasm with which they are waiting for the movie to hit the theatres. Are you also waiting for the “Stree” to visit your doorstep on 31st August?