Nale Ba, So Why Are We Interested?

We Indians are extremely fond of the supernatural, aren’t we? In fact, almost all of us have huddled together with our friends to listen to scary experiences which any of us may have gone through. It is, for this reason, the moment a horror movie is announced we start waiting for the day when it would be eventually released.We wonder how this Nale Ba real story turn out to be..

Stree Movie Nale Ba Real Story
Stree Movie Nale Ba Real Story







The release of the trailer of the movie Stree has had us on the edge of our seats already. Inspired by the Nale Ba real story (Ridiculous as the trailer suggests) let us have a peek into what the movie trailer of Nale Ba Witch of the movie Stree has in store for us. The movie Stree will certainly make your heads turn with horror! Kya Mard ko Dard hoga?

The Trailer Starts With

The trailer starts with Pankaj Tripathi telling a group of friends about the story of the prostitute who finally found love in a man who adores her not for her looks but her personality. Later with a deadpan expression, Pankaj details how every year the woman or “Stree” comes hunting for men and only leaves their clothes behind.

The Beautiful & Talented Shraddha Kapoor & the Brilliant Maverick RajKumar Rao

Surprisingly moving on we are introduced to the character of Shraddha Kapoor (Looking Tantalizing & mysterious in this trailer) who plays the love interest of Raj Kumar Rao and visits the town only during the time that “ Stree” is actually seen prowling around. So does Shraddha have anything to do with the famous witch or is she actually the “Stree Movie Witch Nale Ba” that others are trying to save themselves from.

So What is the Nale Ba Real Story?

The Nale Ba Witch of the movie Stree is a phenomenon which scared many people in Karnataka a few years back. So, much so that men for fear of being picked up & killed wrote outside their houses “Nale Ba” meaning come tomorrow. Now the Nale Ba real story has been picked up by director Amar Kaushik and made into a horror comedy thriller.

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The Stree movie witch nale ba can be seen only in few scenes of the trailer. This is probably because the director probably does not want the mystery to get revealed too soon. However what we understand from watching the same is that there is definitely an intrigue factor to Shraddha’s character.

While Raj Kumar Rao and his friends are there to add to the comic relief in the movie the rustic feel of the movie is surely going to get a lot of takers in the smaller towns and cities. In the last few scenes of the trailer, you see all the men in the town of Chanderi running around for their lives as they see “Stree” catching up on few of them.

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Stree Movie Release Date

Releasing on 31st August this year the trailer of the movie promises an action and fun combination for those who are enchanted by the paranormal. Not to forget that it is very rare that the lead actress agrees to play a sort of a negative and supernatural character in her movie.

The Nale Ba Witch of the movie Stree seems to have been taken quite seriously in the movie and whatever the phenomenon was the movie clearly has a lot going in favor for it. So get ready to see the Stree in action this month and if you feel that horror is a genre not well explored in the Bollywood maybe “Stree” is going to prove you wrong. Until the movie releases, we will only say “O stree Kal aana”.

Stree Movie Verdict

The Trailer deserves a Big 4/5 for building up our expectation. Be sure to watch the movie when it releases. Watch this Space for more in the coming weeks.

Watch the New Trailer of the Movie ‘Stree’ here – Stree Official Trailer