It was in the early 1990’s that the witch of Nale Ba started prowling the streets of Bangalore. Not a very high profile city at that time the people or rather men quickly fell to the rumor of a witch hunting only for men. It was said that the Nale Ba Witch of the movie Stree would come visiting the homes of men and call out to them in the voice of their mother. If any unfortunate fellow happened to open the door he would die in a day or two. Such was the fear of the Nale Ba witch that men hid in their homes for fear of being targeted.

As a possible solution, they started writing “Nale Ba” on their houses which meant “Come tomorrow”. Many people found that this proved to be effective and the witch did not visit any house after that.

Release of horror comedy Stree may stir some old fears once again

After many years the makers of the movie “Stree” have unveiled the trailer of their movie and the tale is inspired by the Nale ba real story. Though the trailer looks highly promising and shows traces that the movie is a horror comedy with a difference there is a nagging thought whether it would bring back the past stories back again.

In India starting a rumor and fuelling has always been an easy task. In such a situation there is always the fear that the release of the movie may stir some old fears once again. Since Nale Ba witch had scared the wits of many individuals at that time there are people who question the need of raising the topic once again.

Enjoy the film. Ignore the rumors.

However, we differ here. First of all this movie is a comic depiction of the decade-old story so it is quite likely the movie climax may not be the scary types. The makers of Nale Ba Witch of the movie Stree have already dropped hints that the heroine of the movie Shraddha Kapoor has a supernatural link to her. This is why there is nothing major for us to worry about.

Secondly, a lot has changed in Indian society in the last one decade or so. Just like Bangalore, other cities too have progressed. With the advent of social media, almost all people can have an idea of what is truth and what is just a rumor. In that case, blaming Stree movie’s witch Nale Ba for restarting a lost concept is a very far-fetched thing to do.

No reason to blame the makers of Stree

The makers of Stree movie are clearly planning to bring a new genre of films and that is a very good sign that our Bollywood is changing. As for the mischief mongers, they will say whatever they feel is correct. It is up to the sensible generation of youth today to ignore all these silly talks and watch the Nale ba real story with a pinch of salt. Who knows the movie is going to present a totally new perspective to the concept of superstitions and supernatural stories that find so many takers in our country. Till the film releases, we cannot judge it and just trash it because of the traditional thought process of the people of our country.

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