Thailand is a tourist paradise with its great cultural heritage, brilliant beaches, and spicy nightlife. People from every nook and corner of the world go there to spend blissful moments.  However, the country offers something more than that. Here are a few unusual, but greatly enjoyable places in Thailand that you haven’t even heard about. They are different, brilliant and remarkably different.

Elephant trekking

The elephant is not just the national animal of Thailand, but it is a beloved and respected creature. You can see them in huge numbers while roaming around Thailand. There are two wonderful places to experience animal trekking which are Elephant Hills and Anantara Golden Triangle. Luxury stay and stunningly beautiful surroundings make it a lifetime memorable experience. Don’t worry about animal cruelty. They maintain highest levels of animal security norms.  People from worldwide find it unbelievably exciting.  Don’t miss it when you plan a visit to Thailand, the land of elephants!

Island hopping, the sensational ride on the sea

If you love the thrill of riding on a boat, then it is this is the activity to undertake. Long coastline (more than 6000 kilometers) offers a sensational tour through a cluster of islands and beaches. Walk on the soft white sand or try out snorkeling; every moment you spend there is simply outstanding.  The ride is a paradise for those who love clicking snaps. There are some enormously picturesque locations worth capturing forever. There are places where people do underwater photography and capture the best moments. You get help and guidance from seasoned photographers. Other than boating, there is a superb way to explore shoreline of Thailand i.e. Kayaking. One can stroll on the sea with his or her pace and enjoy the pretty surroundings.

Floating Market

If you want to see something stunningly unusual, then do not miss floating markets of Thailand. Believe it or not but the market is one of its types. You find several wooden boats with loads of local products arranged in a strikingly attractive way. If you reach there early, then there is a golden chance of grabbing the best deals. Remember, you have to be proficient in bargaining because there is a great scope for negotiations.  Capture some great shots as you move ahead. Damnoen Saduk is one of the most adored floating markets. You can find it 100 kilometers South-West direction while traveling to Hua Hin. Taling Chan floating market is also there, but it is a weekly market where you can see genuinely Thai fruits and vegetables. Taste Custard Apples, Longans or the notorious Durian in the market.

National parks and sanctuaries

Other than the fantastically beautiful landscapes, Thailand offers a plethora of monuments with a great archeological and national reference. Doi Inthanon National Park on the highest peak of Thailand or Khao Yai National Park which is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO are the two preferred parks by foreign tourists. Khao Yai Park is known as one among the largest monsoon forests in the world.