Conjugal life is very important in every couple’s relationship. Physical satisfaction of both partners brings joy and harmony in life and brings the couple closer and strengthens their bond. Due to stressful and rushed life more and more couples feel deprived of conjugal satisfaction. There may be various reasons for it and premature ejaculation is one of them, it may have medical reasons or may be just due to improper lovemaking technique, emotional turmoil or stress.

Here are some useful tips to delay ejaculation and experience the new high in sexual relationship:

Use squeeze technique

This technique helps delay ejaculation. For this as soon as you feel the urge to ejaculate, hold the penis at its end and gently squeeze it for few seconds, this will take the pressure off the penis. Count till 30 and then again penetrate into the vagina. You may do it as many times as you wish to delay ejaculation.

Practise kegel’s exercise

Kegel’s exercise strengthens pelvic floor muscle, pubococcygeous which controls ejaculation. Kegel’s exercise is easy to do and can be done in standing, sitting or lying position, at any time of the day. Practise the action like holding the urine by tightening the pelvic floor and hold for 5 seconds, repeat this in sets of 10, several times a day. This will strengthen the right muscle and give you control over ejaculation during coitus.

Use stop-start technique

In this simple technique you have to self-masturbate and stop at the point where you feel the urge to ejaculate, hold for few seconds and again masturbate stopping at the point where you again feel the urge. Gradually lengthen the duration at which you feel the urge to ejaculate to the point where you cannot hold anymore. Practise this on several occasions and the do the same suing lubricant to enhance stimulation and later ask your spouse to masturbate for you and repeat rest of the processin the same manner. This technique will gradually help you build control over ejaculation and elongate the intercourse duration.

Delay Penetration 

Do not penetrate for the first few minutes of lovemaking, elongate the foreplay, this will help by releasing penile pressure and suppress the urge to ejaculate.

Use climax control condoms

These condoms have mild anaesthetic agent, benzocaine at the tip, this anaesthetic reduces sensory stimulation of the penis during intercourse, which delays ejaculation without compromising the intimate pleasure. These condoms may delay ejaculation for about 5 minutes; its effectiveness majorly depends upon your personal body sensitivity.

Use thick condom

Thicker condoms create better barrier and reduce penile sensitivity by bringing down the stimulation; which helps delay ejaculation.

Practise deep breathing pranayama

Practising pranayama develops your control over your body and also releases physical and mental stress which may also help in regulating premature ejaculation and improve your performance in bed.

The most important point in conjugal relation is pleasure, shed all the anxiety of performance, just love your partner and enjoy the moment, satisfaction is bound to happen to you.